Word Study for Literacy Leaders

Guiding Professional Learning

Edited by Anne C. Ittner, Amy Frederick, Darl Kiernan, and Donald R. Bear
Foreword by Shane Templeton, Marcia Invernizzi, and Francine R. Johnston

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September 7, 2023
ISBN 9781462552757
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August 7, 2023
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Foreword, Shane Templeton, Marcia Invernizzi, and Francine R. Johnston

I. Foundations of Word Study and Professional Learning

1. Foundations of Word Study Instruction, Donald R. Bear, Amy Frederick, Darl Kiernan, & Anne C. Ittner sample

2. Professional Learning and Word Study, Anne C. Ittner, Amy Frederick, Darl Kiernan, & Donald R. Bear

II. Coaching Word Study Instruction

3. Using the Word Study Classroom Observation Guide to Stimulate Professional Reflection and Growth, Kristin M. Gehsmann

4. Learning Huddles: Collaborating to Improve Word Study Instruction, Darl Kiernan & Kim Austin

5. Literacy Coaching Approaches in Word Study, Sarah Negrete, Treena Parker, & Shari Dunn

6. The Promise of Virtual Coaching for Professional Learning in Word Study and Beyond, Kristin Burger & Anna Jennerjohn

III. Professional Learning in Different Word Study Settings

7. How Do You Help Teachers Strategically Support Emergent Bilinguals?, Lori Helman & Anne C. Ittner

8. Support and Insight for Teachers of Young Children, Laura Tortorelli & Annmarie Petrozzelli Spear

9. Expanding Possibilities for Multimodal Word Study Instruction Using a Design Thinking Approach, Maggie Struck & Elizabeth Weise

10. Preparing Preservice Teachers to Teach Developmental Word Study in Diverse Classrooms, Hiawatha Smith & Amy Frederick

11 Developing Professional Knowledge to Implement Word Study Interventions, Latisha Hayes

12. Engaging Teachers of Adolescent Readers in Vocabulary-Focused Professional Learning, Madison Weary & Kevin Flanigan

13. Metalinguistic Journeys: Supporting Secondary Teachers with Academic Vocabulary Instruction, Dianna Townsend & Rachel Knecht

14. Getting Administrators on Board, Alisa Simeral

Appendix: Word Study Classroom Observation Guide