Writing a Proposal for Your Dissertation

Second Edition
Guidelines and Examples

Steven R. Terrell

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September 5, 2022
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Introduction: Your Dissertation Proposal

1. Developing the Problem Statement for Your Dissertation Proposal sample

2. Writing Purpose Statements, Research Questions, and Hypotheses

3. Writing the Review of Literature for Your Dissertation Proposal

4. The First Part of Your Dissertation Research Method

5. Quantitative Research Methods

6. Qualitative Research Methods

7. Mixed Methods Research Designs

Epilogue: Have We Accomplished What We Set Out to Do?

Appendix A. Progress Check for Chapter 1 of a Dissertation Proposal: The Introduction

Appendix B. Progress Check for Chapter 2 of a Dissertation Proposal: The Review of Literature

Appendix C. Progress Check for Chapter 3 of a Quantitative Dissertation Proposal

Appendix D. Progress Check for Chapter 3 of a Qualitative Dissertation Proposal

Appendix E. Progress Check for Chapter 3 of a Mixed Methods Dissertation Proposal

Appendix F. Sample Proposal for a Four-Chapter Dissertation

Answers to Review Questions




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