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The Early Education Leader's Guide: Program Leadership and Professional Learning for the 21st Century Nonie K. Lesaux, Stephanie M. Jones, Annie Connors, and Robin Kane
Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents: Third Edition: A Practical Guide to Assessment and Intervention Peg Dawson and Richard Guare

Pivotal Research in Early Literacy: Foundational Studies and Current Practices Edited by Christina M. Cassano and Susan M. Dougherty: Foreword by Joanne Knapp-Philo: Afterwords by Heidi Anne E. Mesmer and M. M. Rose-McCully
Helping Students Overcome Social Anxiety: Skills for Academic and Social Success (SASS) Carrie Masia Warner, Daniela Colognori, and Chelsea Lynch

Executive Function in Education: Second Edition: From Theory to Practice Edited by Lynn Meltzer
Word Sorts and More: Second Edition: Sound, Pattern, and Meaning Explorations K-3 Kathy Ganske

Effective Universal Instruction: An Action-Oriented Approach to Improving Tier 1 Kimberly Gibbons, Sarah Brown, and Bradley C. Niebling
Child and Adolescent Development for Educators: Second Edition Christine B. McCormick and David G. Scherer

Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Second Edition Edited by Sam Goldstein and Sally Ozonoff
Comprehensive Reading Intervention in Grades 3-8: Fostering Word Learning, Comprehension, and Motivation Lynn M. Gelzheiser, Donna M. Scanlon, Laura Hallgren-Flynn, and Peggy Connors

Learning Disabilities: Second Edition: From Identification to Intervention Jack M. Fletcher, G. Reid Lyon, Lynn S. Fuchs, and Marcia A. Barnes
New in paperback Handbook of Competence and Motivation: Second Edition: Theory and Application Edited by Andrew J. Elliot, Carol S. Dweck, and David S. Yeager

Best Practices in Literacy Instruction: Sixth Edition Edited by Lesley Mandel Morrow and Linda B. Gambrell
Best Practices in Writing Instruction: Third Edition Edited by Steve Graham, Charles A. MacArthur, and Michael Hebert

Children's Literature in the Reading Program: Fifth Edition: Engaging Young Readers in the 21st Century Edited by Deborah A. Wooten, Lauren Aimonette Liang, and Bernice E. Cullinan: Foreword by Richard L. Allington
Contemporary Intellectual Assessment: Fourth Edition: Theories, Tests, and Issues Edited by Dawn P. Flanagan and Erin M. McDonough: Foreword by Alan S. Kaufman

School-Based Observation: A Practical Guide to Assessing Student Behavior Amy M. Briesch, Robert J. Volpe, and Randy G. Floyd
Breaking Through the Language Arts Block: Organizing and Managing the Exemplary Literacy Day Lesley Mandel Morrow, Kenneth Kunz, and Maureen Hall

Teaching on Solid Ground: Knowledge Foundations for the Teacher of English Thomas M. McCann and John V. Knapp: Foreword by Carol D. Lee

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