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Essentials of Play Therapy with Abused Children

Eliana Gil
Produced by Dawkins Productions

October 24, 2006
ISBN 9781593854195
Price: $110.00
39 Pages
40-Minute DVD + 39-Page Manual
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This informative video program from renowned practitioner and author Eliana Gil illuminates the unique benefits of play therapy for children who have been physically or sexually abused. Sharing her warmth and clinical insight, Dr. Gil brings viewers into the therapeutic playroom, describes how play activities fit into the reparative process, and provides helpful pointers for practice. With the help of child volunteers, the video demonstrates the use of art supplies, the sandtray, puppets, the dollhouse, masks, and more. Dr. Gil also discusses ways to allay children's fears about therapy and establish a good working rapport.Running time: 40 minutes; includes 39-page manual.