A Geography of Russia and Its Neighbors

Second Edition

Mikhail S. Blinnikov

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February 17, 2021
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February 17, 2021
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January 22, 2021
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1. Introduction: Russia and Post-Soviet Northern Eurasia

I. Physical Geography

2. Relief and Hydrography

3. Climate

4. Biomes

5. Environmental Degradation and Conservation

II. History and Politics

6. Formation of the Russian State

7. The Soviet Legacy

8. Post-Soviet Reforms

9. The Geopolitical Position of Russia in the World sample

III. Cultural and Social Geography

10. Demographics and Population Distribution

11. Cities and Villages

12. Social Issues: Health, Wealth, Poverty, and Crime

13. Cultures and Languages

14. Religion, Diet, and Dress

15. Education, Arts, Sciences, and Sports

16. Tourism

IV. Economics

17. Oil, Gas, and Other Energy Resources

18. Heavy Industry and the Military Complex

19. Light Industry and Consumer Goods

20. Fruits of the Earth: Agriculture, Hunting, Fishing, and Forestry

21. Infrastructure and Services

V. Regional Geography of Russia and Other FSU States

22. Central Russia: The Heart of the Country

23. Russia's Northwest: Fishing, Timber, and Culture

24. The Volga: Cars, Food, and Energy

25. The Caucasus: Cultural Diversity and Political Instability

26. The Urals: Metallurgy, Machinery, and Fossil Fuels

27. Siberia: Great Land

28. The Far East: The Russian Pacific

29. The Baltics: Europeysky, Not Sovetsky

30. Belarus and Moldova: Eastern Europeans

31. Ukraine and Crimea: Together or Not?

32. Kazakhstan and Central Asia: The Heart of Eurasia

33. Epilogue: Engaging with Post-Soviet Northern Eurasia