A World of Difference

Second Edition
Encountering and Contesting Development

Eric Sheppard, Philip W. Porter, David R. Faust, and Richa Nagar

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August 8, 2009
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I. Differentiated Ways of Knowing

1. Introduction

2. Measuring, Describing, and Mapping Difference and Development

3. Knowing the Third World: Colonial Encounters

4. Knowing the Third World: The Development Decades

5. The Third World and Neoliberal Globalization

II. Differentiated Livelihoods and the Nonhuman World

6. Geographies of Population: Discourse and Politics

7. Contested Environments: The Entanglements of Environment, Development, and Globalization

8. Disease and Health

9. Uncertain Rains: The Atmospheric Energy Cycle and the Hydrologic Cycle

10. Other Challenges to Rural Livelihood: Soils, Vegetation, and Pests

11. Nature as Latitudinal Trickster: The Carbon Cycle and Plant Growth

12. The Management of Tropical and Subtropical Ecosystems: The Pokot of West Central Kenya—An Indigenous Knowledge System

III. Differentiated Social Relations Encountering Global Strategies

13. The Historical Geography of Colonialism and the Slave Trade

14. Colonialism as Spatial and Labor Control System

15. The End of Colonialism and the Promise of Free Trade

16. Trading Primary Commodities

17. Peripheral Industrialization: Paths and Strategies

18. The Earth's Crust as Resource

19. Urbanization, Migration, and Spatial Polarization

20. Transnational Production

21. Foreign Branch Plants and Economic Growth

22. Money and Global Finance Markets, with Bongman Seo

23. Borrowing Money: Aid, Debt, and Dependence, with Bongman Seo

24. Toward Different Worlds