Assessment for Intervention

Second Edition
A Problem-Solving Approach

Edited by Rachel Brown-Chidsey and Kristina J. Andren
Foreword by Patti L. Harrison

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October 18, 2012
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
Foreword, Patti L. Harrison

I. IDEAL Problem Solving

1. Introduction, Rachel Brown-Chidsey and Kristina J. Andren

2. Problem-Solving Assessment, Stanley L. Deno

II. Identifying Problems

3. Ecological Variables in School-Based Assessment and Intervention Planning, Merilee McCurdy, Michael J. Coutts, Susan M. Sheridan, and Lindsay M. Campbell

4. The Role of Teacher Perspectives in Diagnostic and Program Evaluation of Academic Skills, Tanya L. Eckert, Elizabeth A. Koenig, Bridget O. Hier, and Lauren A. Arbolino

5. Population-Based Strategies for Identifying Schoolwide Problems, Beth Doll, Mary Kelly Haack, and Kristin Bieber

6. Considering Diverse Learner Characteristics in Problem-Solving Assessment, Craig A. Albers, Paige L. Mission, and Brittany Bice-Urbach

III. Defining Problems

7. Functional Behavioral Assessment: The Cornerstone of Effective Problem Solving, Mark W. Steege and Jamie L. Pratt

8. Conducting Problem-Solving Interviews, Kristina J. Andren

9. Conducting Systematic Direct Classroom Observations to Define and Assess School-Related Problems, Nathan H. Clemens, Edward S. Shapiro, and Allison L. Seibert

10. Behavioral and Academic Rating Scale Applications within the Problem-Solving Model, Randy T. Busse and Melody Yi

11. Identifying and Validating Academic Problems in a Multi-Tiered System of Services and Supports Model in a Time of Shifting Paradigms, Mark R. Shinn

12. The Role of Intelligence Testing in Understanding Students' Academic Problems, Randy G. Floyd and John H. Kranzler

IV. Exploring and Applying Selected Interventions

13. Solution-Focused Psychoeducational Reports, Rachel Brown-Chidsey and Kristina J. Andren

14. The Administrative Role in Transforming Schools to Support and Guide Educational Interventions in an Era of Educational Reform, Mary Lynn Boscardin, Adam Garand, and Patrick Tudryn

15. Treatment Integrity Assessment within a Problem-Solving Model, Lisa M. Hagermoser Sanetti and Thomas R. Kratochwill

V. Looking at Effects

16. Visual Representation of Progress Monitoring and Academic Achievement Data, Jack A. Cummings and Rebecca S. Martínez

17. Evaluating Intervention Outcomes within Problem-Solving-Based Assessment, Craig A. Albers, Stephen N. Elliott, Ryan J. Kettler, and Andrew T. Roach

18. Student Success Stories, Mary Jean O'Reilly and Kevin Tobin