Assessment of Feigned Cognitive Impairment

Second Edition
A Neuropsychological Perspective

Edited by Kyle Brauer Boone

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June 4, 2021
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I. Performance and Symptom Validity Tests

1. Clinician’s Guide to Navigating Performance Validity Testing, Maria E. Cottingham

2. Design Methods in Neuropsychological Performance Validity, Symptom Validity, and Malingering Research, Ryan W. Schroeder, Kyle Brauer Boone, & Glenn J. Larrabee

3. Forced-Choice Performance Validity Tests, Ryan W. Schroeder & Phillip K. Martin

4. Alternatives to Forced-Choice Performance Validity Tests, Stephen R. Nitch, Alexis S. Rosen, Laurel A. Mattos, Scott Roye, & David M. Glassmire

5. Intelligence Tests as Performance Validity Measures, Natalie Sobel, Talin Babikian, & Kyle Brauer Boone

6. Performance Validity Tests in Cognitive Screening Instruments and Computerized Assessment Tools, Patrick Armistead-Jehle & Robert D. Shura

7. Embedded Performance Validity Scores in Standard Memory Tests, Bradley N. Axelrod, Justin B. Miller, & Jennifer LaBuda

8. Validity Indicators within Executive Function Measures: Use and Limits in Detection of Response Validity, Nathaniel W. Nelson, Catherine Lee, & Jerry J. Sweet

9. Motor and Sensory Tests as Measures of Performance Validity, Ginger Arnold & Kyle Brauer Boone

10. The Use of Visual Spatial Performance Validity Tests in Detecting Noncredible Performance, Douglas M. Whiteside, Lauren E. Piper, Michael R. Basso, & Kyle Brauer Boone

11. Information Processing Speed Tests as Performance Validity Tests, Laszlo A. Erdodi & Jonathan D. Lichtenstein

12. Language Tests as Performance Validity Tests, Phillip K. Martin & Ryan W. Schroeder

13. Effects of Premorbid Ability, Neuropsychological Impairment, and Invalid Test Performance on the Frequency of Low Scores, Martin L. Rohling, Jennifer Langhinrichsen-Rohling, & John E. Meyers

14. Interpretation of Data from Multiple Performance Validity Tests, Jeremy J. Davis

15. Using the MMPI-2-RF as an Aid in the Detection of Noncredible Neurocognitive Presentations, Maria E. Cottingham, Kyle Brauer Boone, Hope E. Goldberg, Tara L. Victor, Michelle A. Zeller, Medina R. Baumgart, J. Brandon Birath, & Matthew J. Wright

16. Utility of the Personality Assessment Inventory in Evaluating Symptom Validity in the Context of Neuropsychological Evaluation, Owen J. Gaasedelen, Douglas M. Whiteside, & Kyle Brauer Boone

II. Use of Performance Validity Tests in Various Populations

17. Base Rates of Feigned Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Kyle Brauer Boone, Pavel Litvin, & Tara L. Victor

18. Noncredible Presentations in Neuropsychological Assessment of Pain- and Fatigue-Related Disorders: Clinical and Research Implications, Julie A. Suhr & Andrew Bryant

19. The Impact of Psychotic, Depressive, Bipolar, Obsessive–Compulsive, and Anxiety Disorders on Performance Validity Test Results, Hope E. Goldberg & J. Brandon Birath

20. Performance Validity in Somatoform/Conversion Disorders, Factitious Disorder, and Malingering: Do We Need a New Diagnostic Schema?, Kyle Brauer Boone

21. Identification of Feigned Intellectual Disability, Tara L. Victor & Kyle Brauer Boone

22. Performance Validity Testing in Patients with Dementia, Kirsty E. Bortnik & Andy C. Dean

23. Performance Validity Tests in the Epilepsy Clinic, Daniel L. Drane, David J. Williamson, Kelsey Hewitt, & Taylor Jordan

24. Use of Performance Validity Tests and Symptom Validity Tests in Assessment of Specific Learning Disorders and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Allyson G. Harrison, Grace Jin Lee, & Julie A. Suhr

25. Toxic Mold Syndrome and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: The Continued Search for a Causal Link to Neuropsychological Functioning, Robert J. McCaffrey & Julie K. Lynch

26. The Use of Performance Validity Tests in Ethnic-Minority and Non-English-Dominant Populations, Xavier F. Salazar, Po H. Lu, & Kyle Brauer Boone

27. Performance/Symptom Validity Test Use with Active Duty Service Members and Veterans, Patrick Armistead-Jehle, Douglas B. Cooper, Heather G. Belanger, Jason R. Soble, & Nathanial W. Nelson

28. Validity Assessment in Pediatric Populations, Alison M. Colbert, Emily C. Maxwell, & Michael W. Kirkwood

29. Assessment of Feigned Cognitive Impairment in Criminal Forensic Neuropsychological Settings, Robert L. Denney & Rachel L. Fazio