Assessment of Feigned Cognitive Impairment

A Neuropsychological Perspective

Edited by Kyle Brauer Boone

June 6, 2007
ISBN 9781593854645
Price: $86.00 $64.50
481 Pages
Size: 6⅛" x 9¼"

A new edition will be published May 13, 2021.
Comprehensive and user friendly, this book synthesizes the growing literature on symptom feigning in cognitive testing and translates it into evidence-based recommendations for clinical and forensic practice. A wide range of cognitive effort assessment techniques and strategies are critically reviewed, including both dedicated measures and the use of embedded indicators in standard clinical tests. The book describes approaches to distinguishing between credible and noncredible performance in specific clinical populations: persons presenting with head injury, chronic pain and fatigue, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and learning disability, mental retardation, seizures, and exposure to environmental toxins. Special topics include the potentially confounding effects of psychiatric disorder and ethnocultural factors on effort testing, and cognitive assessment in the criminal forensic setting.

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