Attachment in Religion and Spirituality

A Wider View

Pehr Granqvist
Foreword by Phillip R. Shaver

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March 6, 2020
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Foreword, Phillip R. Shaver

Prologue: Setting the Stage

I. Normative Aspects of Attachment, Religion, and Spirituality

1. Normative Features of Attachment sample

2. God as a Noncorporeal Attachment Figure

3. Religious and Spiritual Development in Relation to Attachment Maturation

II. Individual Differences in Attachment, Religion, and Spirituality

4. Individual Differences in Attachment

5. The Correspondence Pathway

6. The Compensation Pathway

III. Expansions: A Wider View of Attachment and Religion/Spirituality

7. Religion as Attachment in Relation to Mental Health

8. Altered Spiritual States, Dissociation, and Attachment Disorganization

IV. Points of Convergence and Divergence

9. Attachment Theory and the Psychology and Psychoanalysis of Religion

10. Attachment and the Evolutionary Cognitive Neuroscience of Religion

V. Beyond Attachment, Religion, and Spirituality: The Psychology of Secularism

11. God versus the Welfare State