Case Studies in Couple and Family Therapy

Systemic and Cognitive Perspectives

Edited by Frank M. Dattilio

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February 20, 1998
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April 23, 2001
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February 13, 2017
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“This book should prove to be a valuable resource for therapists working with couples and families. It can help each of us to reflect on what we do and why, while encouraging us to clarify and critically examine the theory guiding our work.”

The American Journal of Family Therapy

“Practitioners, therapy educators, and students who are open to integrative dialogues will find this text useful. It clearly delineates areas of similarity and difference between cognitive and systematic perspectives in a unique and interesting format....An excellent resource.”

The Behavior Therapist

“Well written, instructive and enlightening, and a great deal of pleasure to read....The cases are of interest and the exchange of views is instructive....I recommend it to all mental health professionals.”

Psychiatric Services

“Despite the multitude of books being published in Marriage and Family Therapy these days, finding one that can serve as an 'anchor' text in an advanced course in family therapy is not always easy. [This book] may fill that need....The interaction between editor and author makes for a lively process in which critical thinking is encouraged and important nuances allowed to emerge. I look forward to using the book with my graduate students.”

Journal of Feminist Family Therapy

“I always welcome the publication of psychotherapy case study books because they give the reader the opportunity to see how theories are translated into clinical treatment of actual cases with real people. Dattilio has edited a superb volume of marital and family therapy cases treated by an impressive array of prominent family therapists. A unique feature of this book is the editor's comments on each case, attempting to find areas of commonality between cognitive-behavioral therapy and the other approaches. This unparalleled, sophisticated attempt to integrate the various therapy models advances a step in the development of a broad model for the treatment of relationships.”

—James L. Framo, PhD, Distinguished Professor, United States International University

“Dattilio has put together a book that leaps forward in the search for some integration in therapeutic models, particularly with couples and families. The book offers a theoretical framework that speaks to similarities and differences in clinical thinking. It all comes alive in the practical description and discussion of cases from leading clinicians in a broad sampling of therapeutic schools. This is a book for today's theoreticians, teachers, and clinicians.”

—Harry J. Aponte, ACSW

“What a treat! And what a pleasant way to learn: The reader gets excellent case histories by first-rate family therapists, interlaced with the comments of a masterful cognitive therapist. In this book Dattilio is like a very good supervisor: sensitive, perceptive, and always respectful of his talented 'clients.' We come away impressed by the many ways in which cognitive-behavioral therapy can inform and sharpen our work.”

—Augustus Y. Napier, PhD

“A masterful presentation by the specialists integrating their unique approaches with cognitive therapy. A 'must' for anyone dealing with couples or families.”

—Aaron T. Beck, MD, University of Pennsylvania

“Innovative and fascinating... provides readers with a unique dialogue between the authors and the editor, making it a 'must read' for anyone working with couples and families.”

— Cloé Madanes, Family Therapy Institute, Washington, D.C.

“This book is a 'must' for trainees in psychology, social work, counseling, and psychiatry, as well as practicing therapists treating couples and families. The cognitive-behavioral approach has correctly been said to transcend cultural barriers. Now, renowned psychologist Frank Dattilio expertly shows how it can also transcend the 'modality barriers' in family and couple therapy. He does this by skillfully integrating cognitive-behavioral therapy with other well known modalities. This remarkable book could not have come at a better time.”

—Rafael García-Bárcena, MD, Chief Psychiatrist, The Cognitive-Behavioral and Transcultural Center, San Juan, Puerto Rico

“Students have commented that this has been an extremely valuable book. The case examples really make the theory come alive. This book includes cases that cover all the major issues in family therapy.”

—Linda K. Knauss, PhD, Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology, Widener University, Chester, PA

“Dattilio accomplishes a Herculean task in pulling together so many prominent theorists/therapists. Having so much information in a single source excites my students. I find each chapter to be well organized, comprehensive, and informative....The case examples represent a broad range of mental health problems, and serve as a solid basis for demonstrating the ministrations of each therapy...Dattilio's comments within each chapter provide a beneficial addition to the chapter authors' description and discussion...My students report that they find his comments very helpful in making sense of what can be a very confusing discipline.”

—Thomas A. Seay, PhD, Professor of Counseling and Human Services, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania