Change Processes in Child Psychotherapy

Revitalizing Treatment and Research

Stephen R. Shirk and Robert L. Russell

August 2, 1996
ISBN 9781572300958
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I. Theoretical and Empirical Foundations of Child Psychotherapy

1. The Domain of Child Psychotherapy.

2. The Effects of Child Psychotherapy: Outcome Research.

3. The Process of Child Psychotherapy: Process Research.

4. Conceptual Interlude: Essential Ingredients for Revitalizing Child Psychotherapy.

II. Change Processes in Child Psychotherapy

5. Interpersonal Change Processes

6. Emotional Change Processes.

7. Cognitive Change Processes.

III. Case Formulations in Child Psychotherapy.

8. Treatment Selection: Formulations of Pathogenic Processes.

9. Formulation-Guided Child Psychotherapy: Case Studies.

10. Change Processes and Case Formulations: Conclusions: