Clinical Neuropsychology of Emotion

Yana Suchy

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January 20, 2011
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March 14, 2011
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I. Historical Origins: Emotions and Personality from Antiquity to the 20th Century

1. Traditional Models and Theories of Emotions and Personality

2. Early Neuroanatomic Models of Emotional Processing

II. Anatomy of an Emotional Event: From Emotional Trigger to Emotion Regulation

3. The Trigger Mechanism and the Detection of Emotionally Salient Stimuli

4. Reflexive Emotional Responses

5. Awareness and Understanding of an Emotional Experience

6. Emotional Communication

7. Emotion Regulation

III. Emotions, Affective Styles, and Motivation: How Emotions Shape Who We Are and What We Do

8. Mood and Motivation

9. Motivation and Sensitivity to Incentives

10. Stress and Motivation

IV. A Glimpse at Tomorrow from an Interdisciplinary Perspective

11. Temperament, Personality, and Heritability of Individual Differences in Executive Functioning, with Paula G. Williams

12. Stress Regulation, Executive Functioning, and Physical and Mental Health, with Paula G. Williams

13. Future Directions for Clinical Neuropsychology of Emotion

Appendix A. Affective Deficits, Symptoms, and Syndromes Associated with Select Clinical Populations

Appendix B. Disorders and Populations Associated with Select Affective Deficits, Symptoms, or Syndromes

Appendix C. Select Measures for Assessment of Affective Deficits, Symptoms, or Syndromes