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Cognitive Therapy of Depression

Aaron T. Beck, A. John Rush, Brian F. Shaw, and Gary Emery

December 4, 1979
ISBN 9780898620009
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425 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
February 4, 1987
ISBN 9780898629194
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425 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
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A new edition will be published June 14, 2024.
1. An Overview

2. The Role of Emotions in Cognitive Therapy

3. The Therapeutic Relationship: Application to Cognitive Therapy

4. Structure of the Therapeutic Interview

5. The Initial Interview

6. Session by Session Treatment: A Typical Course

of Therapy

7. Application of Behavioral Techniques

8. Cognitive Techniques

9. Focus on Target Symptoms

10. Specific Techniques for the Suicidal Patient

11. Interview with a Depressed Suicidal Patient

12. Depressogenic Assumptions

13. Integration of Homework into Therapy

14. Technical Problems

15. Problems Related to Termination and Relapse

16. Group Cognitive Therapy for Depressed


Steven D. Hollon and Brian F. Shaw

17. Cognitive Therapy and Antidepressant


18. Outcome Studies of Cognitive Therapy

Appendix: Materials

*The Beck Inventory

*Scale for Suicide Ideation

*Daily Record of Dysfunctional Thoughts

*Competency Checklist for Cognitive Therapists

*Possible Reasons for Not Doing Self-Help


*Research Protocol for Outcome Study at Center

for Cognitive Therapy

*Further Materials and Technical Aids