Conducting School-Based Assessments of Child and Adolescent Behavior

Edited by Edward S. Shapiro and Thomas R. Kratochwill

June 13, 2000
ISBN 9781572305670
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318 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
July 25, 2002
ISBN 9781572308220
Price: $49.00
318 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
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1. Introduction: Conducting a Multidimensional Behavioral Assessment

Edward S. Shapiro and Thomas R. Kratochwill

2. Naturalistic Direct Observation in Educational Settings

Christopher H. Skinner, Katrina N. Rhymer, and E. Constance McDaniel

3. Analogue Assessment: Emotional/Behavioral Problems

John M. Hintze, Gary Stoner, and Mary H. Bull

4. Functional Analysis

Jennifer J. McComas, Hannah Hoch, and F. Charles Mace

5. Self-Monitoring

Christine L. Cole, Tamara Marder, and Lori McCann

6. Self-Report: Rating Scale Measures

Tanya L. Eckert, Erin K. Dunn, Robin S. Codding, and Katie M. Guiney

7. Self-Report: Child Clinical Interviews

Stephanie H. McConaughy

8. Informant Report: Rating Scale Measures

Kenneth W. Merrell

9. Informant Report: Parent and Teacher Interviews

R. T. Busse and Barbara Rybski Beaver

10. Cultural and Linguistic Issues

Elisa M. Castillo, Stephen M. Quintana, and Manuel X. Zamarripa