Contemporary Feminist Research from Theory to Practice

Patricia Leavy and Anne Harris

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August 9, 2018
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July 2, 2018
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I. Feminist Theoretical Frameworks

1. Introduction

2. The Feminist Research Landscape

3. Intersectionality, Feminist Epistemology, and Standpoint Feminism Theoretical Frames

4. Postmodern/Post-Structuralist Theoretical Frames to Feminist Research

II. Feminist Approaches to “Doing Research”

5. Feminist Ethics

6. Feminist Methods for Working Directly with Participants

7. Feminist Methods for Studying Nonliving Data, Organizations, and Programs

III. Being a Feminist Researcher: Getting the Work Out

8. Writing and Publishing Feminist Research

9. Public Scholarship and Critical Perspectives

APPENDIX. Feminist Scholars by Discipline or Area of Study