Contemporary Play Therapy

Theory, Research, and Practice

Edited by Charles E. Schaefer and Heidi Gerard Kaduson

July 10, 2006
ISBN 9781593853044
Price: $87.00
338 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
October 18, 2007
ISBN 9781593856335
Price: $37.00
338 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
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I. Theory

1. Object Relations Play Therapy: Applications to Attachment Problems and Relational Trauma, Helen E. Benedict

2. Experiential Play Therapy, Carol C. Norton and Byron E. Norton

3. Dynamic Play Therapy, Steve Harvey

4. Narrative Play Therapy, Ann Cattanach

II. Research

5. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Theraplay, Herbert H. G. Wettig, Ulrike Franke, and Bess Sirmon Fjordbak

6. Evidence-Based Play Therapy, Dee C. Ray

III. Applications

7. "I'm Rich": Play Therapy with Children Who Are Homeless, Jennifer Baggerly

8. Treatment of Sexually Abused Children, Mary Margaret Kelly and Hope C. Odenwalt

9. Play Therapy for Girls Displaying Social Aggression, Myra M. Lawrence, Kristin Condon, Kathryn S. Jacobi, and Emily Nicholson

10. Culturally Competent Play Therapy with the Mexican American Child and Family, Roberto Robles

11. CLAYtherapy: The Clinical Application of Clay with Children, Paul R. White

12. Time-Limited Play Therapy to Enhance Resiliency in Children, Debra May

13. Coping with Disaster: Psychosocial Interventions for Children in International Disaster Relief, Erika Felix, David Bond, and Janine Shelby