Dare to Differentiate

Third Edition
Vocabulary Strategies for All Students

Danny Brassell

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November 3, 2010
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October 15, 2013
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“Brassell clearly has a deep passion for teaching. Busy teachers everywhere will appreciate this wonderful collection of the most effective research-based vocabulary strategies, guaranteed to engage students and improve comprehension. Brassell's humor and style shine through on every page. The book is loaded with practical ways to differentiate vocabulary instruction for all students, using rich hands-on activities, games, and Web resources. I love this book!”

—Lori Oczkus, MA, literacy coach and author, Orinda, California

“The vocabulary strategies and word play activities alone make this volume an excellent addition to any K-6 teacher's bookshelf. But the real strength of the book is that it provides ideas for differentiating instruction based on the strategies. Meeting the specific needs of students through differentiation is always a challenge; this book shows how differentiating word learning can be both manageable for the teacher and fun for students.”

—Thomas DeVere Wolsey, EdD, Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership, Walden University

Dare to Differentiate jumps right into ideas and strategies that elementary teachers can start using immediately to embed vocabulary learning throughout the curriculum. The easy-to-use format includes a description of each strategy plus a classroom example that shows how it works. This book is a great addition to any educator's library.”

—Joanne Toft, MA, former K-6 teacher; Associate Director, Arts for Academic Achievement, Minneapolis Public Schools

“Are you looking for a way (or many ways) to make vocabulary instruction come alive for your students? Then Dare to Differentiate, Third Edition, is for you. Not only does Brassell present an array of engaging instructional strategies, but he also provides ways to make each strategy work for different students and classrooms. Differentiation makes the difference! I highly recommend this extraordinary volume.”

—Timothy Rasinski, PhD, Department of Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Studies, Kent State University