Divorce and Family Mediation

Models, Techniques, and Applications

Edited by Jay Folberg, Ann L. Milne, and Peter Salem

May 12, 2004
ISBN 9781593850029
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588 Pages
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I. Introduction to Family and Divorce Mediation

1. The Evolution of Family and Divorce Mediation: An Overview, Ann L. Milne, Jay Folberg, and Peter Salem

II. Models of Practice

2. Facilitative Mediation, Bernard Mayer

3. Transformative Mediation: Changing the Quality of Family Conflict Interaction, Robert A. Baruch Bush and Sally Ganong Pope

4. Evaluative Mediation, Randolph Lowry

5. Therapeutic Mediation with High-Conflict Parents: Effective Models and Strategies, Marsha Kline Pruett and Janet R. Johnston

6. Hybrid Processes, Arnold Shienvold

III. Mediation Techniques and Interventions

7. The Plan to Separately Parent Children after Divorce, Marilyn S. McKnight and Stephen K. Erickson

8. Working with Children in Mediation, Donald T. Saposnek

9. Mediating Financial Issues: Theoretical Framework and Practical Applications, Chip Rose

10. Understanding and Responding to Power in Mediation, Michael Lang

11. Managing the Communication Process in Mediation, Nina R. Meierding

12. Strategies for Managing Impasses, Robert D. Benjamin

IV. Special Applications and Considerations

13. Mediation with Parents Who Did Not Marry Each Other, Joan K. Raisner

14. Mediation and Domestic Abuse, Ann L. Milne

15. Mediating with Blended Families, Lynn Carp Jacob

16. Mediating Separation of Same-Sex Couples, Allan Barsky

17. Mediating in the Shadow of an Affair, Emily M. Brown

V. Mediation in the Court Context

18. Court-Based Mandatory Mediation: Special Considerations, Isolina Ricci

19. Reconciling Self-Determination, Coercion, and Settlement in Court-Connected Mediation, Nancy A. Welsh

VI. Developing the Profession

20. Research on the Impact of Family Mediation, Connie J. A. Beck, Bruce D. Sales, and Robert E. Emery

21. Certifying Mediators, Peggy English and Linda C. Neilson

22. The Model Standards of Practice for Family and Divorce Mediation, Andrew Schepard

23. Establishing a Mediation Practice, Forrest S. Mosten

24. Divorce Mediation and the Internet, James C. Melamed