Doing Statistical Mediation and Moderation

Paul E. Jose

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March 28, 2013
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Read the Series Editor's Note by Todd D. Little
1. A Basic Orientation

*My Personal Journey

*Confusions about Mediation and Moderation

*Mediation and Moderation: The Synergism of Three Variables

2. Historical Background

*The History of Mediation and Moderation

*Two Strands of Thought within Statistics

*The Historical Basis for the Methods of Mediation and Moderation

*Baron and Kenny's Landmark Publication

*Knowledge Box. A Note about Terminology: IV/DV versus Predictor/Outcome

*Clarification of Mediation and Moderation Subsequent to Baron and Kenny's Article


*Further Reading

3. Basic Mediation

*Review of Basic Rules for Mediation

*How to Do Basic Mediation

*Knowledge Box. Controversy: Calculation of whether Significant Mediation Has Occurred

*An Example of Mediation with Experimental Data

*An Example of Null Mediation

*Sobel's z versus Reduction of the Basic Relationship

*Suppressor Variables in Mediation

*Investigating Mediation When One Has a Nonsignificant Correlation

*Understanding the Mathematical "Fine Print": Variances and Covariances

*Discussion of Partial and Semipartial Correlations

*Statistical Assumptions


*Further Reading

*In-Chapter Exercises

*Additional Exercises

4. Special Topics in Mediation

*Model Specification: Testing Models

*Knowledge Box. Another Area of Potential Confusion: Implications for Naming Different Types of Mediation Results

*Multiple Mediators

*Bootstrapping (Resampling)

*Longitudinal Mediation Models

*Multilevel Mediation Models

*Categorical Mediators and/or Outcomes (Logistic Regression)

*Mediation with Quadratic Relationships


*Further Reading

*In-Chapter Exercises

5. Basic Moderation

*Categorical Variable Moderation

*Knowledge Box. A Short Tutorial on Dummy Coding

*An Example of a Continuous Moderator

*Knowledge Box. Graphing Moderation Patterns

*Further Reading

*In-Chapter Exercises

*Additional Exercises

6. Special Topics in Moderation

*Johnson-Neyman Regions of Significance

*Multiple Moderator Regression Analyses

*Moderation of Residualized Relationships

*Quadratic Moderation

*Basic Moderation in Path Analyses

*Moderation in Multilevel Modeling (MLM)

*Moderation with Latent Variables

*Logistic Moderation?


*Further Reading

*In-Chapter Exercises

*Additional Exercises

7. Mediated Moderation and Moderated Mediation

*The Literature

*Mediated Moderation: A Baron and Kenny-type Example

*Moderated Mediation

*Where to from Here? Bootstrapping for Moderated Mediation

*More Complicated Variants: Moderated Mediated Moderation

*Other Variants


*Further Reading

Suggested Answers to Exercises

Appendix A. SPSS, Amos, and MPlus Models

Appendix B. Resources for Researchers Who Use Mediation and Moderation