Dual-Process Theories in Social Psychology

Edited by Shelly Chaiken and Yaacov Trope

February 19, 1999
ISBN 9781572304215
Price: $125.00
657 Pages
Size: 7" x 10"
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“This volume assembles leading researchers to provide in-depth discussions of a key theoretical construct in cognitive and social psychology. Researchers, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates have gained a valuable resource for understanding how dual process theories have been used to clarify our understanding of phenomena in many areas, including attitudes, person perception, stereotyping, cognitive control, and self-regulation. It is a luxury to have these thoughtful papers gathered together in one place.”

—Marcia K. Johnson, PhD, Professor, Psychology Department, Princeton University

“Understanding how human beings react to the social world has always been a central problem for psychology. Explanations in terms of learning theories or principles of rationality are rarely sufficient. This book contains brilliant accounts of the 'other' ways of looking at social behavior—as imitation, as forms of risk regulation, as conformity, as wish fulfillment. It will serve as an excellent guide and text.”

—Jerome Bruner, PhD, University Professor, Research Professor of Psychology, Senior Research Fellow in Law, New York University