Evaluation Ethics for Best Practice

Cases and Commentaries

Edited by Michael A. Morris

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1. Ethics and Evaluation

2. The Entry/Contracting Stage

Scenario 1: The Coordination Project

Commentary: Consumers, Culture, and Validity, Karen E. Kirkhart

Commentary: Whose Evaluation Is It, Anyway?, David M. Chavis

What If...?

Final Thoughts: The Coordination Project

Scenario 2: Just Say No?

Questions to Consider

3. Designing the Evaluation

Scenario 1: The Damp Parade?

Commentary: Everybody Talks about the Weather..., Melvin M. Mark

Commentary: No Rain Today, Gail V. Barrington

What If...?

Final Thoughts: The Damp Parade

Scenario 2: What’s under the Rock?

Questions to Consider

4. Data Collection

Scenario 1: The Folder

Commentary: Hold ’Em or Fold(er) ’Em?: What’s an Evaluator to Do?, Michael Hendricks

Commentary: Centering the Folder, sarita davis

What If…..?

Final Thoughts: The Folder

Scenario 2: Hideout

Questions to Consider

5. Data Analysis and Interpretation

Scenario 1: Knock, Knock, What’s There?

Commentary: What’s There: Confidence or Competence?, Leslie J. Cooksy

Commentary: Interpreting Effects, William R. Shadish

What If...?

Final Thoughts: Knock, Knock, What’s There?

Scenario 2: Things Happen

Questions to Consider

6. Communication of Results

Scenario 1: Mainstream

Commentary: Mainstreaming Process Evaluation: Ethical Issues in Reporting Interim Results, Mary Ann Scheirer

Commentary: Reporting Bad News: Challenges and Opportunities in an Ethical Dilemma, Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar and Lucía Orellana-Damacela

What If...?

Final Thoughts: Mainstream

Scenario 2: Whose Voices?

Questions to Consider

7. Utilization of Results

Scenario 1: Nightly News

Commentary: Fixing the Spin on Evaluation, Laura C. Leviton

Commentary: From Substance Abuse to Evaluation Misuse: Is There a Way Out?, Sharon F. Rallis

What If...?

Final Thoughts: Nightly News

Scenario 2: Is My Job Done Yet?

Questions to Consider

8. Lessons Learned

Appendix A. The Guiding Principles for Evaluators

Appendix B. The Program Evaluation Standards, Second Edition