Exposure Therapy for Anxiety

Second Edition
Principles and Practice

Jonathan S. Abramowitz, Brett J. Deacon, and Stephen P. H. Whiteside

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April 25, 2019
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
I. The Fundamentals of Exposure Therapy

1. Overview and History of Exposure Therapy for Anxiety sample

2. How Well Does Exposure Therapy Work?

3. The Nature and Treatment of Clinical Anxiety

4. Treatment Planning I: Functional Assessment

5. Treatment Planning II: Treatment Engagement and Exposure List Development

6. Implementing Exposure Therapy

II. Implementing Exposure Therapy for Specific Types of Fears

7. Animal-Related Fears

8. Environmental Fears

9. Social Situations

10. Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts

11. Bodily Cues and Health Concerns

12. Contamination

13. Trauma-Focused Fear

14. Blood-, Injection-, and Injury-Related Stimuli

15. Incompleteness, Asymmetry, and "Not-Just-Right" Feelings

III. Special Considerations in the Use of Exposure Techniques

16. Exposure Therapy with Complex Cases

17. Exposure Therapy with Children

18. Involving Significant Others in Treatment

19. Combining Exposure Therapy with Medication

20. Maintaining Improvement after Treatment

21. Using Technology to Implement Exposure Therapy

22. Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Exposure

23. A Risk–Benefit Analysis of Exposure Therapy