Family Therapy for ADHD

Treating Children, Adolescents, and Adults

Craig A. Everett and Sandra Volgy Everett

July 16, 2001
ISBN 9781572307087
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270 Pages
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Copyright Date: 1999

Introduction: Family Experiences of ADHD

1. Diagnosing ADHD in Clinical Practice

2.The Clinical Evaluation: Diagnosing, Consultation, Testing, and the Use of Medication

3. Interdisciplinary Issues and Multiple Responsibilities of the Therapist

4. Assessing ADHD in the Intergenerational Family System

5. A Five-Stage Developmental Model

for Assessing ADHD throughout the Family System

6. Developing Therapeutic Interventions for Children with ADHD and Their Families

7. Developing Therapeutic Interventions for Adolescents with ADHD and Their Families

8. Developing Therapeutic Interventions for Adults with ADHD and Their Families