Group Work with Adolescents

Third Edition
Principles and Practice

Andrew Malekoff

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November 17, 2015
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June 5, 2014
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
I. The Adolescent in Context

1. Adolescent Development, Risk, and Opportunity

2. Essentials for Group Work with Adolescents: Staying in the Mess

II. Guidelines for Group Building

3. Strengths-Based Group Work with Adolescents

4. Planning in Group Work: Where We Begin

5. Good Beginnings in Group Work: Socializing Adolescents into the Group Culture

6. What’s Going On in There?: Forming Alliances with Parents Whose Adolescent Children Join Groups

7. School-Based Group Work with Adolescents: A View from the Inside Out

8. Problem Solving in Group Work

9. The Purposeful Use of Activities in Group Work: Innovative, Expressive, and Mindful Approaches

10. The Ending Transition in Group Work

III. Contemporary and Age-Old Themes in Group Work: Guidelines, Applications, and Practice Illustrations

11. Addressing Racial and Ethnic Diversity through Group Work

12. Violence and Youth: Dimensions and Interventions in Group Work

13. Group Work in the Aftermath of Traumatic Events

14. Adolescent Sexuality and Group Work

15. Group Work as a Counterforce to Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse

IV. Special Challenges for Group Workers

16. The Struggle to Fit In

17. On Becoming a Reflective Group Worker