Handbook of Applied Behavior Analysis

Second Edition

Edited by Wayne W. Fisher, Cathleen C. Piazza, and Henry S. Roane

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July 14, 2021
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I. Introduction

1. Applied Behavior Analysis: History, Philosophy, Principles, and Basic Methods, Wayne W. Fisher, Rebecca A. Groff, & Henry S. Roane

II. Basic Principles and Concepts

2. Respondent (Pavlovian) Conditioning, John W. Donahoe & Rocío Vegas

3. Basic Operant Contingencies: Main Effects and Side Effects, A. Charles Catania

4. Schedules of Reinforcement, F. Charles Mace, Duncan Pritchard, & Heather Penney

5. Stimulus Control and Generalization, Joseph E. Spradlin, Jennifer L. Simon, & Wayne W. Fisher

6. Matching and Behavioral Momentum: Quantifying Choice and Persistence, Christopher A. Podlesnik, Corina Jimenez-Gomez, & Michael E. Kelley

7. Behavioral Economics: Principles and Applications, Iser G. DeLeon, Nathalie Fernandez, Kissel J. Goldman, Elizabeth Schieber, Brian D. Greer, & Derek D. Reed

III. Measurement, Design, and Methodological Issues

8. Defining and Measuring Behavior, SungWoo Kahng, Einar T. Ingvarsson, Anna M. Quigg, Kimberly E. Seckinger, Heather M. Teichman, & Casey J. Clay

9. Single-Case Experimental Designs, Nicole M. DeRosa, William E. Sullivan, Henry S. Roane, Andrew R. Craig, & Heather J. Kadey

IV. Behavioral Assessment

10. Identifying and Enhancing the Effectiveness of Positive Reinforcement, Valdeep Saini, Billie Retzlaff, Henry S. Roane, & Cathleen C. Piazza

11. Indirect Behavioral Assessments: Interviews and Rating Scales, Dana M. Gadaire, Michael E. Kelley, & Robert H. LaRue

12. Direct Observation, Rachel H. Thompson & John C. Borrero

13. Functional Analysis: History and Methods, Valdeep Saini, Wayne W. Fisher, Alison M. Betz, & Cathleen C. Piazza

V. Interventions for Increasing Desirable Behavior

14. Differential-Reinforcement Procedures, Jeffrey H. Tiger & Gregory P. Hanley

15. Building Complex Repertoires from Discrete Behaviors: Establishing Stimulus Control, Behavioral Chains, and Strategic Behavior, George H. Noell, Nathan A. Call, Scott P. Ardoin, & Sarah J. Miller

16. Teaching Verbal Behavior, Matt Tincani, Caio Miguel, Andy Bondy, & Shannon Crozier

17. Staff Training and Management, Dennis H. Reid, Niamh P. O'Kane, & Kenneth M. Macurik

VI. Interventions for Decreasing Problem Behavior

18. Developing Antecedent Interventions for Problem Behavior, Richard G. Smith

19. Developing Function-Based Extinction Procedures for Problem Behavior, Timothy R. Vollmer, Elizabeth Athens, & Jonathan K. Fernand

20. Developing Function-Based Reinforcement Procedures for Problem Behavior, Wayne W. Fisher, Brian D. Greer, & Kelly J. Bouxsein

21. Developing Function-Based Punishment Procedures for Problem Behavior, Dorothea C. Lerman & Lisa M. Toole

22. Token Economies, David Reitman, Kyle Boerke, & Areti Vassilopoulos

VII. Subspecialties in Applied Behavior Analysis

23. Behavioral Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Tiffany Kodak, Laura L. Grow, & Samantha C. J. Bergmann

24. Behavioral Pediatrics: Integrating Applied Behavior Analysis with Pediatric Medicine, Patrick C. Friman

25. A Behavior-Analytic Approach to Pediatric Feeding Disorders, Cathleen C. Piazza & Caitlin A. Kirkwood

26. Behavioral Approaches to Education, Brian K. Martens, Edward J. Daly III, John C. Begeny, & William E. Sullivan

27. Teacher Consultation in Behavioral Assessment and Intervention, Florence D. DiGennaro Reed, Lisa M. Hagermoser Sanetti, & Robin S. Codding

28. Teaching Safety Skills to Children, Raymond G. Miltenberger, Amy C. Gross, Diego Valbuena, & Sindy Sanchez

29. Behavior Analysis and Treatment of Drug Addiction: Recent Advances in Research on Abstinence Reinforcement, Kenneth Silverman, August F. Holtyn, Brantley P. Jarvis, & Shrinidhi Subramaniam

30. Behavioral Gerontology, Jonathan C. Baker, Linda A. LeBlanc, Brian MacNeill, & Paige B. Raetz

31. Telehealth and Applied Behavior Analysis, David P. Wacker, Kelly M. Schieltz, Alyssa N. Suess, & Scott D. Lindgren

32. Organizational Behavior Management, David A. Wilder & Nicole E. Gravina

VIII. Professional Issues in Applied Behavior Analysis

33. Behavior Analysis and Ethics, William O’Donohue & Kyle E. Ferguson

34. Professional Certification for Practicing Behavior Analysts, James E. Carr, Christine L. Ratcliff, Melissa R. Nosik, & James M. Johnston

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