Handbook of Language Analysis in Psychology

Edited by Morteza Dehghani and Ryan L. Boyd

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March 2, 2022
ISBN 9781462548439
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November 20, 2021
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I. Introduction and Methods

1. Text Analysis for Psychology: Methods, Principles, and Practices, Brendan Kennedy, Ashwini Ashokkumar, Ryan L. Boyd, & Morteza Dehghani

II. Dyadic Synchrony/Psychological Coordination in Conversations

2. Language Coordination in Writing and Conversation, Molly E. Ireland & Taleen Nalabandian

3. Language in Close Relationships, Andrea B. Horn & Tabea Meier

4. Harnessing a Language Analysis Perspective to Uncover Emergent Group Processes, Aimée A. Kane & Lyn M. van Swol

5. Cooperation, Interaction, Search: Computational Approaches to the Psychology of Asking and Answering Questions, Christina M. Boyce-Jacino & Simon DeDeo

III. Political Psychology

6. Language Analysis in Political Psychology, Kayla N. Jordan sample

7. Automated Integrative Complexity: Language Analysis Tools for Psychological Research, Shannon C. Houck, Lucian Gideon Conway, III, & Alivia Zubrod

8. Text as Data in Political Psychology, Martijn Schoonvelde, Christian Pipal, & Gijs Schumacher

IV. Morality

9. Language Analysis in Moral Psychology, Mohammad Atari & Morteza Dehghani

10. Morality in Politics, Sze Yuh Nina Wang & Yoel Inbar

11. Morality in Language, Cristina Leone & Laura Niemi

V. Deception/Lying

12. Motivation for Deception, Paul J. Taylor, Grace McKenzie, & Ben Marshall

13. Lies and Language: A Context-Contingent Approach to Verbal Cues of Deceit, David M. Markowitz & Jeffrey T. Hancock

14. Deception and Its Detection, Judee K. Burgoon, Norah E. Dunbar, & Lee A. Spitzley

VI. Personality and Individual Differences

15. Investigating Individual Differences in Metaphor Use and Its Outcomes: Research Questions, Measurement, and Findings, Adam K. Fetterman, Katherine French, & Brian P. Meier

16. The Quantum Self: Examining Methodologies to Understand How Language Impacts Bilinguals’ Dual Selves, Shu Jiang & Nairán Ramírez-Esparza

17. Personality Disorder and Verbal Behavior, Charlotte Entwistle, Ely Marceau, & Ryan L. Boyd

VII. Affect/Sentiment

18. Behavioral Machine Intelligence with Language, Nikolaos Malandrakis, Victor Martinez, Anil Ramakrishna, Manoj Kumar, Karan Singla, Md Nasir, & Shrikanth Narayanan

19. Theory-Driven Measurement of Emotion (Expressions) in Social Media Text, William J. Brady, Killian McLoughlin, & M. J. Crockett

20. Identifying and Understanding the Targets of Sentiment Analysis, Charles Welch, Mahmoud Azab, & Rada Mihalcea

VIII. Public Health and Well-Being

21. The Language of Environmentalism: Harnessing Social Media Data in the Face of Environmental Uncertainty, Sonya Sachdeva

22. The Language of Mindfulness: Studying Contemplative Experience through Natural Language, Angelina J. Polsinelli, Deanna M. Kaplan, & Matthias R. Mehl

IX. Judgment/Biases

23. Knowledge, Cognition, and Everyday Judgment: An Introduction to the Distributed Semantics Approach, Russell Richie & Sudeep Bhatia

24. Sociolinguistic Properties of Word Embeddings, Alina Arseniev-Koehler & Jacob G. Foster

25. Social Biases in Word Embeddings and Their Relation to Human Cognition, Aylin Caliskan & Molly Lewis

26. Word Embeddings Reveal Social Group Attitudes and Stereotypes in Large Language Corpora, Tessa E. S. Charlesworth & Mahzarin R. Banaji

X. Ethical Guidelines

27. Ethical Pitfalls for Natural Language Processing in Psychology, Mark Alfano, Emily Sullivan, & Amir Ebrahimi Fard

28. Ethical Issues in Text Mining for Mental Health, Joshua August Skorburg & Phoebe Friesen

XI. Looking to the Horizon

29. Intergrouping and Aging Matters Textually, Howard Giles & Joseph B. Walther

30. Text and Discourse with Humans and Computers, Arthur C. Graesser & Leah C. Windsor

31. Computer-Based Language Analysis as a Paradigm Shift, James W. Pennebaker

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