Handbook of Personality

Third Edition
Theory and Research

Edited by Oliver P. John, Richard W. Robins, and Lawrence A. Pervin

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August 5, 2008
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I. Introduction

1. History of Modern Personality Theory and Research, Nicole B. Barenbaum and David G. Winter

II. Theoretical Perspectives

2. Human Nature and Individual Differences: Evolution of Human Personality, David M. Buss

3. Psychoanalytic Approaches to Personality, Drew Westen, Glen O. Gabbard, and Kile M. Ortigo

4. Paradigm Shift to the Integrative Big Five Trait Taxonomy: History, Measurement, and Conceptual Issues, Oliver P. John, Laura P. Naumann, and Christopher J. Soto

5. The Five-Factor Theory of Personality, Robert R. McCrae and Paul T. Costa, Jr.

6. When Is Personality Revealed?: A Motivated Cognition Approach, E. Tory Higgins and Abigail A. Scholer

7. Toward a Unifying Theory of Personality: Integrating Dispositions and Processing Dynamics within the Cognitive–Affective Processing System, Walter Mischel and Yuichi Shoda

8. Personal Narratives and the Life Story, Dan P. McAdams

III. Biological Bases

9. Temperament: An Organizing Paradigm for Trait Psychology, Lee Anna Clark and David Watson

10. Behavioral Genetics and Personality: A New Look at the Integration of Nature and Nurture, Robert F. Krueger and Wendy Johnson

11. Toward a "Molecular Psychology" of Personality, Turhan Canli

12. Personality in Animals, Tamara A. R. Weinstein, John P. Capitanio, and Samuel D. Gosling

IV. Developmental Approaches

13. Parents' Role in Children's Personality Development: The Psychological Resource Principle, Eva M. Pomerantz and Ross A. Thompson

14. The Development of Personality Traits in Adulthood, Brent W. Roberts, Dustin Wood, and Avshalom Caspi

15. Challenges and Opportunities at the Interface of Aging, Personality, and Well-Being, Carol D. Ryff

V. Self and Social Processes

16. Naturalizing the Self, Richard W. Robins, Jessica L. Tracy, and Kali H. Trzesniewski

17. Identity Negotiation: A Theory of Self and Social Interaction, William B. Swann, Jr., and Jennifer K. Bosson

18. Self-Regulation, Matthew T. Gailliot, Nicole L. Mead, and Roy F. Baumeister

19. Self-Presentation of Personality: An Agency–Communion Framework, Delroy L. Paulhus and Paul D. Trapnell

20. Attachment Theory and Its Place in Contemporary Personality Theory and Research, R. Chris Fraley and Phillip R. Shaver

21. Culture and Personality, Verónica Benet-Martínez and Shigehiro Oishi

22. Personality, Situations, and Person–Situation Interactions, David C. Funder

VI. Cognitive and Motivational Processes

23. The Psychological Unconscious, John F. Kihlstrom

24. Implicit Motives, Oliver C. Schultheiss

25. Personality and the Capacity for Religious and Spiritual Experience, Robert A. Emmons, Justin L. Barrett, and Sarah A. Schnitker

26. Self-Determination Theory and the Role of Basic Psychological Needs in Personality and the Organization of Behavior, Richard M. Ryan and Edward L. Deci

27. Creativity and Genius, Dean Keith Simonton

VII. Emotion, Adjustment, and Health

28. Emotion and Emotion Regulation: Personality Processes and Individual Differences, James J. Gross

29. Self-Regulatory Processes, Stress, and Coping, Charles S. Carver, Michael F. Scheier, and Daniel Fulford

30. Personality and Psychopathology, Thomas A. Widiger and Gregory T. Smith

31. Personality and Health: A Lifespan Perspective, Sarah E. Hampson and Howard S. Friedman

32. Personality and Subjective Well-Being, Richard E. Lucas and Ed Diener


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