Handbook of Personality

Fourth Edition
Theory and Research

Edited by Oliver P. John and Richard W. Robins

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February 19, 2021
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I. Theoretical Perspectives and Conceptual Units

1. The Evolution of Human Personality, David M. G. Lewis & David M. Buss

2. History, Measurement, and Conceptual Elaboration of the Big-Five Trait Taxonomy: The Paradigm Matures, Oliver P. John & Christopher J. Soto

3. Toward an Integrative Theory of Motivation, Personality, and Development, Carol S. Dweck

4. Achievement Goal Complexes: Integrating the “What” and the “Why” of Achievement Motivation, Nicolas Sommet, Andrew J. Elliot, & Kennon M. Sheldon

5. Narrative Identity and the Life Story, Dan P. McAdams

II. Biological Foundations

6. Temperament: Theory and Research, Lee Anna Clark & David Watson

7. Personality in Animals: What Can We Learn from a Species-Comparative Approach?, Alexander Weiss sample

8. The Neurobiology of Personality, Colin G. DeYoung, Rachael G. Grazioplene, & Timothy A. Allen

9. Behavioral Genetics and Personality: Ongoing Efforts to Integrate Nature and Nurture, Robert F. Krueger & Wendy Johnson

10. Molecular Genetics of Personality, Marleen H. M. de Moor

III. Development

11. Personality Development across the Life Course: A Neo-Socioanalytic Perspective, Brent W. Roberts & Lauren B. Nickel

12. Personality Development in Middle Childhood, Rebecca L. Shiner

13. Personality in Adolescence, Filip De Fruyt & Evalill Bølstad Karevold

14. Personality and Life Transitions in Young Adulthood, Wiebke Bleidorn & Jaap J. A. Denissen

15. Personality Development in Adulthood and Later Life, Daniel K. Mroczek, Eileen K. Graham, Nicholas A. Turiano, & Mazeed Omotilewa Aro-Lambo

16. Personality and Parenting, Olivia E. Atherton & Thomas J. Schofield

IV. Cognitive and Motivational Processes

17. Cognitive Approaches to Personality, Michael D. Robinson

18. Implicit Motives, Oliver C. Schultheiss & Martin G. Köllner

19. A Cognitive–Affective Processing System Approach to Personality Dispositions: Rejection Sensitivity as an Illustrative Case Study, Ozlem Ayduk & Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton

20. Creativity and Genius, Dean Keith Simonton

V. Affective Processes

21. Emotion and Personality: A Social Functionalist Approach, Dacher Keltner & Michelle N. Shiota

22. The Approach System as a Component of Personality, Sheri L. Johnson, Benjamin Swerdlow, Jennifer Pearlstein, Manon Ironside, & Charles S. Carver

23. The Self-Conscious and Social Emotions: A Personality and Social Functionalist Account, Jessica L. Tracy & Aaron C. Weidman

24. Emotion Regulation: Basic Processes and Individual Differences, Tammy English, Lameese Eldesouky, & James J. Gross

25. Self-Regulatory Processes, Stress, and Coping, Charles S. Carver & Michael F. Scheier

VI. Self- and Social Processes: Relationships, Culture, Environment

26. Naturalizing the Self, Richard W. Robins

27. Identity Negotiation: A Theory of Self and Social Interaction, William B. Swann, Jr. & Jennifer K. Bosson

28. Self-Regulation and Personality, Rick H. Hoyle & Erin K. Davisson

29. Narcissism in Contemporary Personality Psychology, M. Brent Donnellan, Robert A. Ackerman, & Aidan G. C. Wright

30. Attachment Theory and Its Place in Contemporary Personality Theory and Research, R. Chris Fraley & Phillip R. Shaver

31. Persons, Situations, and Person–Situation Interactions, R. Michael Furr & David C. Funder

32. Culture and Personality: Current Directions, Shigehiro Oishi, Kostadin Kushlev, & Verónica Benet-Martinez

VII. Applications and Implications

33. Personality and Religion, Sarah A. Schnitker & Robert A. Emmons

34. Personality and Subjective Well-Being, Richard E. Lucas & Ed Diener

35. Personality and Psychopathology, Jennifer L. Tackett & Stephanie Mullins-Sweatt

36. Personality and Personality Disorder, Thomas A. Widiger & Joshua R. Oltmanns

37. Personality and Health: A Lifespan Perspective, Howard S. Friedman & Sarah E. Hampson

VIII. Emerging Issues and New Directions

38. Personality Interventions, Joshua J. Jackson, Emorie D. Beck, & Anissa Mike

39. Ecological Sampling Methods for Studying Personality in Daily Life, Matthias R. Mehl & Cornelia Wrzus

40. Putting Personality in Its Place: A Geographical Perspective on Personality Traits, Peter J. Rentfrow & Samuel D. Gosling

41. What Do We Know When We Know Ourselves?, Simine Vazire & Erika Carlson

42. Some Contributions of Economics to the Study of Personality, James J. Heckman, Tomáš Jagelka, & Tim Kautz

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