Handbook of Self-Knowledge

Edited by Simine Vazire and Timothy D. Wilson

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June 20, 2012
ISBN 9781462505111
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462 Pages
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May 21, 2012
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462 Pages
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462 Pages
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“This is [a] treasure chest for those interested in this topic....An important work for integrating a wealth of important but somewhat disparate research on self-knowledge, this comprehensive work provides valuable insights. Highly recommended. Graduate students, faculty, researchers, and practitioners.”

Choice Reviews

“This handbook fills a need for a comprehensive survey of the field of self-knowledge. It will be of interest to a wide range of psychologists concerned with the roots of understanding one’s own attitudes and dispositions. The book will serve as a lively text for undergraduate and graduate seminars.”

—Richard E. Nisbett, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Michigan

“This is a terrific presentation of research and theory on one of the most pervasive and fundamental concerns—what people know about themselves. A dizzyingly diverse array of perspectives from leading scholars makes this a wonderful source for anyone interested in the topic. Even the best-informed experts will find this a valuable reference and will learn something new, while newcomers to the field should look no further for a book to bring them quickly and easily up to speed on the state of knowledge. Bravo to Vazire and Wilson and their stellar cast of contributing authors.”

—Roy F. Baumeister, PhD, author of Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength