Handbook of Temperament

Edited by Marcel Zentner and Rebecca L. Shiner

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July 26, 2012
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I. Foundations of Temperament

1. Advances in Temperament: History, Concepts, and Measures, Mary K. Rothbart

2. Models of Child Temperament, Ivan Mervielde and Sarah S. W. De Pauw

3. Models of Adult Temperament, Marvin Zuckerman

II. Basic Temperament Traits

4. The Biography of Behavioral Inhibition, Jerome Kagan

5. Activity as a Temperament Trait, Jan Strelau and Bogdan Zawadzki

6. Positive Emotionality, Samuel P. Putnam

7. Anger and Irritability, Kirby Deater-Deckard and Zhe Wang

8. Effortful Control, M. Rosario Rueda

9. Empathy, Prosocial Behavior, and Other Aspects of Kindness, Ariel Knafo and Salomon Israel

III. Measures of Temperament

10. Asking Questions about Temperament: Self- and Other-Report Measures Across the Lifespan, Marcia A. Gartstein, David J. Bridgett, and Christina M. Low

11. Behavioral Assessment of Temperament, H. Hill Goldsmith and Jeffrey R. Gagne

12. Psychobiological Measures of Temperament in Childhood, Susan D. Calkins and Margaret M. Swingler

IV. Biological Perspectives on Temperament

13. Temperament in Animals, Christina S. Barr

14. Temperament and Evolution, Kevin B. MacDonald

15. Prenatal Factors in Temperament: The Role of Prenatal Stress and Substance Use Exposure, Anja C. Huizink

16. Quantitative and Molecular Genetic Studies of Temperament, Kimberly J. Saudino and Manjie Wang

17. Neurobiology and Neurochemistry of Temperament in Children, Lauren K. White, Connie Lamm, Sarah M. Helfenstein, and Nathan A. Fox

18. Neurobiology and Neurochemistry of Temperament in Adults, Richard A. Depue and Yu Fu

V. Temperament in Context

19. Integrating Temperament and Attachment: The Differential Susceptibility Paradigm, Marinus H. van IJzendoorn and Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg

20. Temperament and Parenting in Developmental Perspective, John E. Bates, Alice C. Schermerhorn, and Isaac T. Petersen

21. Temperament and Peer Relationships, Robert J. Coplan and Amanda Bullock

22. Culture and Temperament, Xinyin Chen, Fan Yang, and Rui Fu

23. Gender Differences in Temperament, Nicole M. Else-Quest

24. Temperament and the Development of Personality Traits, Adaptations, and Narratives, Rebecca L. Shiner and Avshalom Caspi

VI. Clinical Perspectives on Temperament

25. Temperament and Risk: Resilient and Vulnerable Responses to Adversity, Liliana J. Lengua and Theodore D. Wachs

26. Temperament and Internalizing Disorders, Daniel L. Klein, Margaret W. Dyson, Autumn J. Kujawa, and Roman Kotov

27. Temperament, Externalizing Disorders, and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Jennifer L. Tackett, Michelle M. Martel, and Shauna C. Kushner

28. Temperament and Physical Health over the Lifespan, Sarah E. Hampson and Margarete E. Vollrath

VII. Applied Perspectives on Temperament

29. Temperament-Based Intervention: Reconceptualized from a Response-to-Intervention Framework, Sandee Graham McClowry and Ashleigh Collins

30. Temperament in the Classroom, Angela Lee Duckworth and Kelly M. Allred

31. Temperament in Psychotherapy: Reflections on Clinical Practice with the Trait of Sensitivity, Elaine N. Aron

VIII. Integration and Outlook

32. Fifty Years of Progress in Temperament Research: A Synthesis of Major Themes, Findings, and Challenges and a Look Forward, Marcel Zentner and Rebecca L. Shiner