Helping Children with Aggression and Conduct Problems

Best Practices for Intervention

Michael L. Bloomquist and Steven V. Schnell

April 17, 2002
ISBN 9781572307483
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418 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
August 18, 2005
ISBN 9781593852405
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418 Pages
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I. Nature of the Problem

1. Characteristics and Developmental Course

2. Risk and Protective Factors Targeted in Intervention

II. Assessment and Identification

3. Assessment Procedures

III. Child and Family Interventions

4. Social Competence Training

5. Parent and Family Skills Training

6. Mental Health Treatments

IV. Contextually Based Interventions

7. School-Based Interventions for Academic Engagement and Skill Building

8. Schoolwide Interventions to Promote Positive Behavior

9. Classroom and Individual Interventions to Promote Positive Behavior

10. Community Interventions for Child and Family Support

V. Integration and Challenges

11. Comprehensive Multicomponent and Coordinated Services Programs

12. Challenges in Implementing Effective Interventions: Engaging Families and Coordinating Service Systems

Epilogue: Future Directions