Homework Success for Children with ADHD

A Family-School Intervention Program

Thomas J. Power, James L. Karustis, and Dina F. Habboushe Harth

A Paperback Original
A Paperback Original
January 16, 2001
ISBN 9781572306165
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232 Pages
Size: 8½" x 11"
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Foreword by Susan M. Sheridan, PhD


Chapter 1 Introduction to Homework Success

Chapter 2 Background and Justification

Chapter 3 Recruiting and Screening Participants

Chapter 4 Assessing Intervention Integrity and Evaluating Outcomes

with Sheeba Daniel

Chapter 5 Setting Up the Program: Practical Considerations

Chapter 6 Initiating the Program

Chapter 7 Group Session 1: Introducting Homework Success

Chapter 8 Group Session 2: Establishing Homework Ritual and Giving Instructions

Chapter 9 Group Session 3: Providing Positive Reinforcement

Chapter 10 Group Session 4: Managing Time and Setting Goals

Chapter 11 Group Session 5: Using Punishment Successfully

Chapter 12 Group Session 6: Integrating Skills and Anticipating Future Problems

Chapter 13 Group Session 7: Providing Follow-Up Support

Chapter 14 Including Children in Homework Success

with Stephen S. Leff, Tracy E. Costigan, Suzanne G. Goldstein, and Sheeba Daniel

Chapter 15 Assessing Outcomes: Case Illustrations

with Sheeba Daniel

Chapter 16 Conclusions

Appendix A Recruiting Handout and Letters

Appendix B Recruiting Instruments and Outcome Measures

Appendix C Integrity Checklists for Parent Group

Appendix D Parent Handouts

Appendix E Materials for Child Group