Implicit Measures of Attitudes

Edited by Bernd Wittenbrink and Norbert Schwarz

January 5, 2007
ISBN 9781593854027
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294 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

1. Introduction, Bernd Wittenbrink and Norbert Schwarz

I. Procedures and Their Implementation

2. Measuring Attitudes through Priming, Bernd Wittenbrink

3. Understanding and Using the Implicit Association Test: IV: What We Know (So Far) about the Method, Kristin A. Lane, Mahzarin R. Banaji, Brian A. Nosek, and Anthony G. Greenwald

4. Armed Only with Paper and Pencil: "Low-Tech" Measures of Implicit Attitudes, Patrick T. Vargas, Denise Sekaquaptewa, and William von Hippel

5. Attitudes as Mental and Neural States of Readiness: Using Physiological Measures to Study Implicit Attitudes, Tiffany A. Ito and John T. Cacioppo

6. Understanding Social Evaluations: What We Can (and Cannot) Learn from Neuroimaging, Andreas Olsson and Elizabeth A. Phelps

II. Critical Perspectives

7. How to Define and Examine the Implicitness of Implicit Measures, Jan De Houwer and Agnes Moors

8. Paradigms We Live By: A Plea for More Basic Research on the Implicit Association Test, Dirk Wentura and Klaus Rothermund

9. Beyond the Attitude Object: Implicit Attitudes Spring from Object-Centered Contexts, Melissa J. Ferguson and John A. Bargh

10. Mental Representations Are States, Not Things: Implications for Implicit and Explicit Measurement, Eliot R. Smith and Frederica R. Conrey

11. What Do We Know about Implicit Attitude Measures and What Do We Have to Learn?, Bertram Gawronski and Galen V. Bodenhausen