Integrated Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Blending RTI and PBIS

Kent McIntosh and Steve Goodman

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March 15, 2016
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I. Foundations

1. Introduction sample

2. The Relationship between Academic Skills and Behavior

II. Core Components

3. Integrating Data

4. Integrating Practices

5. Integrating Teaming

6. Integrating District Support Systems

7. Integrating Entire Systems

III. Case Studies of Successful Systems

8. Oregon's Effective Behavioral and Instructional Support Systems Initiative: Implementation from District- and State-Level Perspectives, Erin A. Chaparro, Sally Helton, & Carol Sadler

9. Florida's Multi-Tiered Support System for Academics and Behavior, Don Kincaid & George Batsche

10. Michigan's Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative: A Statewide System of Support for MTSS, Christine Russell & Anna Harms

IV. Looking Back, Looking Forward