Introduction to Social Cognition

The Essential Questions and Ideas

Gordon B. Moskowitz

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July 26, 2024
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1. Thinking Is for Action (Purposeful), So We Make Meaning from Chaos

2. We Create Internal Mental Representations of External Reality

3. Self-Report Is Unreliable Because Cognition Is Often Automatic sample

4. We Can Know What People Think Even When They Don’t Know

5. First Impressions Are “Sticky” and Difficult to Update

6. First Impressions Can Be Implicit, Making Them Even More Persistent

7. We Follow Rules When Asking “Why?,” Acting Like Intuitive Scientists

8. Biases Are Common and Arise from Normal Cognitive Processes

9. Biases Are Common and Are Often Motivational in Nature

10. Beyond the Information Given: Responding Guided by Priming

11. Prejudice and Stereotyping

12. Cognitive Processing Is Flexible, and Processing Types Dissociable

13. The Updating of Impressions Is Promoted by Diagnostic Stimuli and One’s Goals


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