Law and Mental Health

Second Edition
A Case-Based Approach

Christopher M. Weaver and Robert G. Meyer

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September 2, 2019
ISBN 9781462540471
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August 7, 2019
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Introduction sample

I. Psychological Issues and Involvement in Basic Courtroom Proceedings

1. Jury Selection and Process: Precedent Impacting Jury Consultation and Research

2. Admission of Expert Testimony and the Eyewitness

II. Legal Precedent in Everyday Clinical Practice

3. Informed Consent

4. Confidentiality and Privileged Communication

5. Duty to Warn and Protect

III. Clinical Forensic Evaluation

6. Competency

7. Insanity and Criminal Responsibility

8. Civil Commitment and Dangerousness

9. Hypnosis and the Polygraph

IV. Civil Rights and Civil Law

10. Civil Rights of People from Gender and Sexual Minority Groups

11. Personal Injury: Court Proceedings and Assessment of Psychological Damages

12. Prisoners’ Rights to Medical and Mental Health Treatment

V. Specific Mental Diagnoses in the Law

13. Substance Abuse and Dependence

14. Intellectual Disability

15. Psychopathy and Antisocial Personality Disorder

VI. Violent Criminals and Violent Crime

16. Capital Punishment

17. Sex Offenders: Community Notification and Sexually Violent Predator Civil Commitment

VII. Juveniles in the Legal System

18. Foundations of Juvenile Law

19. School Law

20. Child Abuse and Neglect

21. Child Custody

22. Competency and Culpability in Juvenile Justice: Intersecting Challenges, Amanda M. Fanniff

In Conclusion: An Appeal to Students