Literacy Development with English Learners

Second Edition
Research-Based Instruction in Grades K-6

Edited by Lori Helman

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August 1, 2016
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August 2, 2016
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July 5, 2016
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Includes Common Core Content

1. Factors Influencing Second Language Literacy Development: A Roadmap for Teachers, Lori Helman

2. Culturally Responsive Instruction: Application to Multiethnic, Multilingual Classrooms, Kathryn H. Au

3. Explicit Language Instruction: A Key to Academic Success for English Learners, Susana Dutro, Raquel Mendia Núñez, & Lori Helman

4. Improving the Language and Literacy Assessment of Emergent Bilinguals, Georgia Earnest García & Christina P. DeNicolo

5. The Literacy Development of Emergent Bilinguals: What Do We Know about Each Student's Literacy Development?, Donald R. Bear & Regina E. Smith

6. Emergent Literacy: Planting the Seeds for Accomplished Reading and Writing, Lori Helman

7. Opening Doors to Texts: Planning Effective Phonics Instruction with Emergent Bilinguals, Lori Helman

8. English Learners and Fluency Development: More Than Speed and Accuracy, M. Kristiina Montero & Melanie R. Kuhn

9. Exploring Ways to Foster the Reading Comprehension of English Learners: Learning from Yeng and Luis, Cynthia H. Brock, Rachel G. Salas, Suzette Serafini Youngs, & Eleni Oikonomidoy

10. Vocabulary Instruction for English Learners across the Elementary Grades, Rebecca D. Silverman, Ana Taboada Barber, C. Brie Doyle, & Shane Templeton

11. Examining Teacher Dispositions toward Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students, Julie L. Pennington & Rachel G. Salas

12. Collaborative Practices to Support Implementation of the Common Core State Standards with K–5 English Learners, Andrea Honigsfeld & Maria G. Dove with Christine Seebach & Kyriaki Dimitrakakis

13. Effective Instructional Practices for Emergent Bilinguals, Lori Helman

14. Literacy Development with English Learners: Concluding Thoughts, Lori Helman