Literacy and Young Children

Research-Based Practices

Edited by Diane M. Barone and Lesley Mandel Morrow

December 31, 2002
ISBN 9781572308190
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318 Pages
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Part I. Foundations for Early Literacy Learning and Instruction

1. Staff Development for Early Literacy Teachers: A Plan to Facilitate Change

Lesley Mandel Morrow, Heather Casey, and Courtney Haworth

2. Questions About Early Literacy Learning and Teaching That Need Asking—And Some That Don't

William H. Teale

3. A Multidimensional Approach to Beginning Literacy

Irene W. Gaskins

4. The Learner, the Teacher, the Text, and the Context: Sociocultural Approaches to Early Literacy Instruction for English Language Learners

Shelley Hong Xu

Part II. Home Literacy Experiences of Children

5. What Hannah Taught Emma and Why It Matters

Lisa Lenhart and Kathleen Roskos

6. Learning About the Literate Lives of Latino Families

Jeanne R. Paratore, Gigliana Melzi, and Barbara Krol-Sinclair

Part III. Phonemic Awareness, Code Learning, and Book Acting

7. Engaging Preschoolers in Code Learning: Some Thoughts About Preschool Teachers' Concerns

Judith A. Schickedanz

8. Concepts, Sounds, and the ABCs: A Diet for a Very Young Reader

Marcia Invernizzi

9. Book Acting: Storytelling and Drama in the Early Childhood Classroom

Lea M. McGee

Part IV. Recent Trends in Literacy Research: Technology, Fluency, and Informational Text

10. Early Literacy in a Digital Age: Moving from a Singular Book Literacy to the Multiple Literacies of Networked Information and Communication Technologies

Rachel A. Karchmer, Marla H. Mallette, and Donald J. Leu, Jr.

11. No More "Madfaces": Motivation and Fluency Development with Struggling Readers

Steven A. Stahl

12. How Can I Help Them Pull It All Together? A Guide to Fluent Reading Instruction

Melanie Kuhn

13. Bridging the Gap between Learning to Read and Reading to Learn Nell K. Duke, V. Susan Bennett-Armistead, and Ebony H. Roberts

14. Immersing Children in Nonfiction: Fostering Emergent Research and Writing Renée M. Casbergue and Mary Beth Plauché

15. Organizing Expository Texts: A Look at the Possibilities

Carol Vukelich, Christine Evans, and Bonnie Albertson

16. Caution Apply with Care: Recommendations for Early Literacy Instruction

Diane M. Barone