Mental Health Medications for Children

A Primer

Ronald T. Brown, Laura Arnstein Carpenter, and Emily Simerly

A Paperback Original
A Paperback Original
August 25, 2005
ISBN 9781593852023
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130 Pages
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1. Overview and Pediatric Psychopharmacology Practices

2. The Importance of School Personnel on the Treatment Team

3. Classifications of Psychotropic Medications

4. Child Psychiatric Disorders and Psychotropic Medications

5. Medication Effectiveness and Side Effects

6. Conclusion



Appendix 1. Common Mental Health Medications for Children

Appendix 2. Event Observation Log

Appendix 3. Letter to Physician

Appendix 4. Ranking Problem Behaviors

Appendix 5. Proper Handling Procedures for Medications for Children

Appendix 6. Medication Initiation Form

Appendix 7. Authorization to Administer Medication

Appendix 8. Monthly Medication Log

Appendix 9. Medication Contract

Appendix 10. FDA Black Box Warnings for Antidepressants

Appendix 11. Behavior Observation Form 1: Event Recording

Appendix 12. Behavior Observation Form 2: Duration Recording

Appendix 13. Behavior Observation Form 3: Total Duration Recording

Appendix 14. Line Graph 1: Less Frequent Behaviors

Appendix 15. Line Graph 2: More Frequent Behaviors and Percentages

Appendix 16. Side Effects