Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Children and Adolescents

From Basic Science to Clinical Management

Edited by Michael Kirkwood and Keith Owen Yeates

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June 4, 2012
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I. Introduction

1. History, Diagnostic Considerations, and Controversies, Elisabeth A. Wilde, Stephen R. McCauley, Gerri Hanten, Gunes Avci, Alyssa P. Ybarra, and Harvey S. Levin

2. Epidemiology and Prevention, R. Dawn Comstock and Kelsey Logan

3. Biomechanics of Sports Concussion, Jason P. Mihalik

4. Animal Models, Andre Obenaus, Lei Huang, Jacqueline S. Coats, Richard Hartman, Jerome Badaut, and Stephen Ashwal

II. Evidence-Based Outcomes

5. Pathophysiological Outcomes, Talin Babikian, John DiFiori, and Christopher C. Giza

6. Neurological Outcomes, Gavin A. Davis

7. Neurobehavioral Outcomes, Keith Owen Yeates and H. Gerry Taylor

III. Clinical Evaluation

8. Biochemical Markers, Rachel P. Berger and Noel Zuckerbraun

9. Neuroimaging, Stephen Ashwal, Karen A. Tong, Brenda Bartnik-Olson, and Barbara A. Holshouser

10. Physical and Neurological Exam, Joseph A. Grubenhoff and Aaron Provance

11. Balance Testing, Tamara C. Valovich McLeod and Kevin M. Guskiewicz

12. Postconcussion Symptom Assessment, Jennifer A. Janusz, Maegan D. Sady, and Gerard A. Gioia

13. Cognitive Screening and Neuropsychological Assessment, Doug Bodin and Nicole Shay

IV. Clinical Intervention

14. Active Rehabilitation for Slow-to-Recover Children, Grant L. Iverson, Isabelle Gagnon, and Grace S. Griesbach

15. Medical and Pain Management, Pamela E. Wilson and Gerald H. Clayton

16. School-Based Management, John W. Kirk, Beth Slomine, and Jeanne E. Dise-Lewis

V. Topics of Special Interest

17. Sport-Related Concussion, Michael W. Kirkwood, Christopher Randolph, Michael McCrea, James P. Kelly, and Keith Owen Yeates

18. Injury in Preschool-Age Children, Audrey McKinlay

19. Forensic Considerations, Jacobus Donders