Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in Children and Adolescents

From Basic Science to Clinical Management

Edited by Michael Kirkwood and Keith Owen Yeates

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June 4, 2012
ISBN 9781462505135
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400 Pages
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May 22, 2012
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“The chapters are well organized and frequently feature reader-friendly bullet points, numbered lists, charts, and tables. Healthcare providers may even find some of these charts and tables to be useful for the purpose of patient or parent education....The primary strength that makes this book essential for neuropsychologists and other healthcare providers is its inclusiveness. Having such a broad range of topics centered on a complete and sophisticated understanding of mTBI in children is unusual for a clinically relevant book and provides clinicians with a singular resource for all things pediatric mTBI. This volume is truly a more complete guide on mTBI in children than any other available resource. It is unusual to see such a juxtaposition of topicsincluding animal models, helmet technology, pathophysiology, and practical programming for school reintegrationintegrated into a single, cohesive volume. Such breadth is highly commendable and clearly sets this book apart. In general, this volume is an essential addition to the library of any healthcare provider who regularly sees children and adolescents with mTBI. It would be of particular interest to graduate students or early career clinical neuropsychologists and other healthcare providers searching for a concise yet very thorough introduction to the existing literature on practically every aspect of mTBI. Clinicians and administrators involved with multidisciplinary program development to address the needs of children who have sustained mTBI will find this book particularly valuable. Researchers, especially those new to the study of pediatric mTBI, will also find it useful in highlighting areas ripe for future study. Overall, the volume is exceptionally well researched and written; all intended audiences will find it educational and useful for their individual purpose.”

Child Neuropsychology

“Comprehensively covers the current scientific literature, and presents cutting-edge issues in a neutral and factual manner. This is essential reading for clinicians involved in the care of children with mild traumatic brain injury. 5 stars.”

Doody's Reviews

“An extremely readable, thorough, and broad overview of many complementary aspects of mTBI in children, from the physics and chemistry of injury to clinical intervention and treatment....The authors do a wonderful job making it apparent to the reader exactly what is, and what is not, known about the topic currently. The volume reads much like a handbook in that it provides a large breadth of knowledge in the topics it covers....This book is highly accessible and readable, yet detailed and comprehensive. It provides information useful to many different disciplines and level of depth that is informative and thought-provoking for seasoned clinicians....One could easily turn to the table of contents and find the chapter relevant to specific information being sought, no matter in what capacity one is involved with children who have sustained and mTBI....The volume is appropriate for many different audiences, including health care providers, researchers, students, school nurses, psychologists, athletic trainers, and coaches....Will likely become the authoritative resource in the field....It deserves a prominent spot on the pediatric neuropsychologist's bookshelf.”

Applied Neuropsychology: Child

“This is an important, thorough, and comprehensive book that well covers the field of mTBI and achieves the authors' goal of being an inclusive text for all professionals interested in this topic. The chapters are of sufficient detail to make this book a good reference source for physicians and psychologists alike, as well as others involved in the rehabilitation of post-concussion patients....This is an excellent textbook for any graduate neuropsychological training program. It also would find a place in the training of neuropsychiatrists and neurology residents who might be interested in this field....Considering the vast amount of work that went into this book, the comprehensiveness of the references, and the quality of the team behind the chapters, it is reasonably priced.”

Child and Family Behavior Therapy

“The book covers a range of topics and is likely to appeal to many in the neuroscience field including paediatricians, neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, and psychologists working with children and adolescents....Kirkwood and Yeates are to be commended on a succinct, informative, and up-to-date account of the complicated and controversial mTBI literature. The use of many tables, graphs, and pictures such as imaging scans make the text digestible and a valuable reference resource.”

Brain Injury

“A treasure chest of knowledge, this is a reliable and practical guide for all practitioners dealing with pediatric mTBI. The book is packed with information and provides a blueprint for management of this patient population. The authors are careful to cite recent published evidence and consensus statements. Topics rarely covered elsewhere—such as the difficult management issues in complicated cases—are addressed in detail. Whatever your disciplinary background, if you work with children and adolescents with head injury, you should have this book on your desk.”

—Paul McCrory, MBBS, PhD, Florey Neurosciences Institutes, University of Melbourne; Australian Center for Research into Sports Injury and Prevention, Monash University

“This authoritative, comprehensive work will prove to be an outstanding resource for researchers and clinicians in multiple disciplines who seek to understand this major public health issue. Well-written, cohesively organized chapters cover everything from pathophysiology and epidemiology to assessment and clinical management.”

—Jeffrey Max, MD, Department of Psychiatry, University of California, San Diego; Director of Neuropsychiatric Research, Rady Children's Hospital, San Diego

“Kirkwood and Yeates have assembled an outstanding group of clinician-scientists to address a critical need in pediatric brain injury research and practice. This highly anticipated volume extends the knowledge base in mTBI to children and adolescents, emphasizing important developmental considerations. The chapters not only include data on the most current evidence-based outcomes, but also provide front-line clinicians with practical strategies for clinical evaluation and management. A 'must have' for pediatric practitioners and scientists.”

—E. Mark Mahone, PhD, ABPP, Director, Neuropsychology, Kennedy Krieger Institute; Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine