Multifamily Groups in the Treatment of Severe Psychiatric Disorders

William R. McFarlane
Foreword by Harriet P. Lefley
Afterword by C. Christian Beels

September 7, 2004
ISBN 9781593850951
Price: $52.00
403 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Copyright Date: 2002

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“[This book] deals with an area and a methodology that were little recognized even a few years ago and that are now recognized as being of primary importance for clinical practice, teaching, and research. Deserves a place on the bookshelf of every mental health professional.”

Psychiatric Services

“McFarlane has written a book that every clinical director, group program coordinator, and agency-based group therapist should read. He provides details of what he and his colleagues have done and lays out a path to a new and important area for group therapy in the treatment of severe and chronic illnesses.”

International Journal of Group Psychotherapy

“Provides information so detailed that the second portion of the book functions as a treatment manual....This volume is exceptionally accessible, and therefore, suitable for students interested in working with schizophrenic patients and those interested in better understanding the biological, psychological and social processes influencing the course and symptomatology of schizophrenia.”

The Clinical Psychologist

“I use this book as the primary text in a class for master’s-degree-seeking students who are preparing to work collaboratively in primary care medical settings. The book provides an excellent resource for these students, who need models of treatments that can harness the power of the family system and the social network in helping patients and families manage chronic and severe psychiatric conditions. Detailed, concise, and easily understandable, this book represents the state of the art in evidence-based practice.”

—Richard J. Bischoff, PhD, Director, Marriage and Family Therapy Program, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“William R. McFarlane has known for more than three decades that families have the power to deal with problems caused by a member struggling with serious mental illness. He developed multifamily groups as the tool to harness this power. Multifamily groups are opportunities for family members to swap information and share support, so that all involved can withstand the challenges of psychiatric disability. In this single authoritative book, McFarlane and his colleagues have captured the methods and strengths of the approach. This is 'must' reading and an exceptional resource for service providers.”

—Patrick W. Corrigan, PsyD, Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, University of Chicago

“Education of patients and their caregivers about mental disorders, and effective integrated biomedical and psychosocial treatment, are now well established as major components of effective mental health programs. McFarlane and his colleagues have pioneered and refined the multifamily group approach as an excellent means of providing long-term structured problem solving to facilitate clinical and social recovery from major disorders. This volume provides a clear description of the theory, practice, efficacy, and dissemination of the multifamily educational approach for psychotic disorders, as well as its integration with other evidence-based treatments.”

—Ian R. H. Falloon, MD, DSc, Department of Psychiatry, University of Auckland, New Zealand

“William R. McFarlane's work on developing the multifamily group intervention has been a leap forward in the treatment of serious mental illness. This extensive form of family psychoeducation results in reduced relapse rates as well as improved quality of life for both patients and family members. In this book, which includes contributions from a number of professionals using multifamily methods, Dr. McFarlane offers a virtually encyclopedic guide to the approach. It is essential reading for anyone working with people with serious mental illness.”

—Dale L. Johnson, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Houston; Past President, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill