Multimethod Clinical Assessment

Edited by Christopher J. Hopwood and Robert F. Bornstein

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June 18, 2014
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June 19, 2014
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Introduction to Multimethod Clinical Assessment, Robert F. Bornstein and Christopher J. Hopwood

I. Personality and Individual Differences

1. Multimethod Assessment of Traits, Janine Galione and Thomas F. Oltmanns

2. Multimethod Assessment of Interpersonal Dynamics, Aaron L. Pincus, Pamela Sadler, Erik Woody, Michael J. Roche, Katherine M. Thomas, and Aidan G. C. Wright

3. Multimethod Assessment of Affective Processes, Rachel L. Tomko and Timothy J. Trull

4. Multimethod Assessment of Existential Concerns: A Terror Management Perspective, Spee Kosloff, Molly Maxfield, and Sheldon Solomon

5. Mulitmethod Assessment of Implicit and Explicit Processes, Alex Cogswell and Natalie Emmert

II. Psychopathology and Resilience

6. Multimethod Assessment of Anxiety: Integrating Data from Subjective Experience, Cognitive Performance, and Neurophysiological Measures, Jason S. Moser, Amy Przeworski, Hans S. Schroder, and Kimberly Marie Dunbeck

7. Multimethod Assessment of the Adult Externalizing Spectrum: Disorders of Antisocial Behavior and Substance Abuse, Daniel M. Blonigen and Amy Wytiaz

8. Clinical Assessment of Thought Quality: A Multimethod Approach, Mark A. Blais and Iruma Bello

9. Multimethod Assessment of Resilience: Integration with an Individual-Differences Model, Christy A. Denckla and Anthony D. Mancini

III. Clinical Management

10. Multimethod Assessment and Treatment Planning, Joni L. Mihura and Robert A. Graceffo

11. Psychotherapy Progress and Process Assessment, A. Pascual-Leone, Terence Singh, Shawn Harrington, and Nikita Yeryomenko

12. Multimethod Assessment of Distortion: Integrating Data from Interviews, Collateral Records, and Standardized Assessment Tools, Danielle Burchett and R. Michael Bagby

13. Multimethod Risk Assessment, Michael L. Stanfill, Suzanne O’Brien, and Donald J. Viglione, Jr.

14. Integration and Therapeutic Presentation of Multimethod Assessment Results: An Empirically Supported Framework and Case Example, Justin D. Smith and Stephen E. Finn

Conclusion: Toward a Framework for Integrating Multimethod Clinical Assessment Data, Christopher J. Hopwood and Robert F. Bornstein