Normal Family Processes

Fourth Edition
Growing Diversity and Complexity

Edited by Froma Walsh

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November 29, 2011
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I. Overview

1. The New Normal: Diversity and Complexity in 21st-Century Families, Froma Walsh

2. Clinical Views of Family Normality, Health, and Dysfunction: From Deficit to Strengths Perspective, Froma Walsh

II. Varying Family Forms and Challenges

3. Couple Interaction in Happy and Unhappy Marriages: Gottman Laboratory Studies, Janice Driver, Amber Tabares, Alyson Shapiro, and John M. Gottman

4. Contemporary Two-Parent Families: Navigating Work and Family Challenges, Peter Fraenkel and Carrie Capstick

5. Risk and Resilience After Divorce, Shannon M. Greene, Edward R. Anderson, Marion S. Forgatch, David S. Degarmo, and Mavis E. Hetherington

6. The Diversity, Strengths, and Challenges of Single-Parent Households, Carol Anderson

7. Remarriage and Stepfamily Life, Kay Pasley and Chelsea Garneau

8. Gay and Lesbian Family Life: Risk, Resilience, and Rising Expectations, Robert-Jay Green

9. Family Processes in Kinship Care, Malitta Engstrom

10. Adoptive Families, Cheryl Rampage, Marina Eovaldi, Cassandra Ma, Catherine Weigel Foy, Gina Miranda Samuels, and Leah Bloom

III. Cultural Dimensions in Family Functioning

11. Culture: A Challenge to Concepts of Normality, Monica Mcgoldrick and Deidre Ashton

12. Intersections of Race, Class, and Poverty: Challenges and Resilience in African American Families, Nancy Boyd-Franklin and Melanie Karger

13. Immigrant Family Processes: A Multidimensional Framework, Celia Jaes Falicov

14. Changing Gender Norms in Families and Society: Toward Equality amid Complexities, Carmen Knudson-Martin

15. The Spiritual Dimension of Family Life, Froma Walsh

IV. Developmental Perspectives on Family Functioning

16. The Family Life Cycle, Monica McGoldrick and Tazuko Shibusawa

17. Family Resilience: Strengths Forged Through Adversity, Froma Walsh

18. Normative Family Transitions, Couple Relationship Quality, and Healthy Child Development, Philip A. Cowan and Carolyn Pape Cowan

19. Mastering Family Challenges in Serious Illness and Disability, John S. Rolland

20. Family and Community Rituals in the 21st Century, Evan Imber-Black

V. Advancing Family Systems Research and Practice

21. Assessment of Effective Couple and Family Functioning: Prevailing Models and Instruments, Jay Lebow and Catherine B. Stroud

22. Unraveling the Complexity of Gene–Environment Interplay and Family Processes, Erica L. Spotts

23. Neurobiology and Family Processes, Mona Dekoven Fishbane