OCD in Children and Adolescents

The "OCD Is Not the Boss of Me" Manual

Katherine McKenney, Annie Simpson, and S. Evelyn Stewart

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February 19, 2020
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I. Preparing to Initiate ERP Exposure and Response Prevention

1. An Overview of Pediatric Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder and Its Treatment sample

2. ERP Preparation and Delivery

3. Fine-Tuning ERP Delivery

4. Complementary Approaches to ERP

II. Providing Treatment: 10 Nuts-and-Bolts Modules

- Module 1. Treatment Preparation with the Child or Youth and Their Parents

- Module 2. Explaining ERPs, Building an OCD Ladder, and Implementing Rewards

- Module 3. Foundational Treatment Tools: Breaking Free of OCD’s Traps, Bossing Back OCD, and Identifying Family Accommodation

- Module 4. Breaking OCD’s Rules: The Four S’s, Exposure Games, and Limiting Family Accommodation and Reassurance Seeking

- Module 5. Tools to Help with OCD “Bad Thoughts”: Imaginal Exposures and Dealing with OCD-Related Rage

- Module 6. Tools to Help with ERPs: Coping Cards, Floating On By, Coping with Doubt Scripts, and Reducing Stigma

- Module 7. Troubleshooting ERPs: Suboptimal Response, Therapist Pitfalls, and Barriers to Treatment Success

- Module 8. Self- and Family Care: Boosting Self-Esteem, Attending to Personal Needs, and Managing OCD in Schools

- Module 9. Preparing for the Future: Relapse Prevention and Consolidating Gains

- Module 10. Graduation: Celebration and Maintenance of Gains




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