Ordinary Magic

Resilience in Development

Ann S. Masten

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August 4, 2014
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I. Introduction and Conceptual Overview

1. Introduction

2. Models of Resilience

II. Studies of Individual Resilience

3. Resilience in a Community Sample: The Project Competence Longitudinal Study

4. Overcoming Disadvantage and Economic Crisis: Homeless Children

5. Mass Trauma and Extreme Adversities: Resilience in War, Terrorism, and Disaster

III. Adaptive Systems in Resilience

6. The Short List and Implicated Protective Systems

7. The Neurobiology of Resilience

8. Resilience in the Context of Families

9. Resilience in the Context of Schools

10. Resilience in the Context of Culture

IV. Moving Forward: Implications for Action and Future Research

11. A Resilience Framework for Action

12. Conclusions and Future Directions

Appendix A. Glossary

Appendix B. Abbreviations

Appendix C. Recommended Readings by Topic