Organizational Skills Training for Children with ADHD

An Empirically Supported Treatment

Richard Gallagher, Howard B. Abikoff, and Elana G. Spira

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March 26, 2014
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March 26, 2014
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
I. Introduction to the Organizational Skills Training Program

1. The Need for Organizational Skills Training for Children with ADHD

2. The OST Program and Guidelines for Assessment

3. A Guide to Teacher Contacts

II. Session-By-Session Guidelines

Session 1. Introduction: Parent and Child Orientation

Session 2. Introduction: Using Social Learning Strategies to Motivate Skills Building (for Parents Only)

Session 3. Tracking Assignments: Implementing Behavior Management Procedures and Getting It All Down

Session 4. Tracking Assignments: The Daily Assignment Record and the Assignment and Test Calendar

Session 5. Managing Materials: Managing Papers for School

Session 6. Managing Materials: Review of Routines for Tracking Assignments and Managing Papers

Session 7. Managing Materials: Introducing a Backpack Checklist

Session 8. Managing Materials: “Other Stuff” and Other Bags

Session 9. Managing Materials: Getting Work Areas Ready to Go

Session 10. Time Management: Understanding Time and Calendars

Session 11. Time Management: Time Tracking for Homework

Session 11a (Optional). Time Management: Instruction in Telling Time and Calculating the Passage of Time

Session 12. Time Management: Time-Planning Conferences at Home and School

Session 13. Time Management: Time Planning for Longer-Term Assignments and Avoiding Distractions

Session 14. Time Management: Time Planning for Regular Routines

Session 15. Task Planning: Introduction to Task Planning

Session 16. Task Planning: Next Steps—Managing Materials and Time

Session 17. Task Planning: Fitting the Steps into the Schedule

Session 18. Task Planning: Planning for Long-Term Projects

Session 19. Task Planning: Checking It Out and Planning for Graduation

Session 20. Program Summary: Personalized Commercial and Graduation

III. Forms and Handouts

Therapist Forms

Parent and Child Handouts

Teacher Forms