Overcoming Anger in Your Relationship

How to Break the Cycle of Arguments, Put-Downs, and Stony Silences

W. Robert Nay

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April 22, 2010
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I. Five Steps to Change in Your Relationship

1. Understanding and Confronting Anger: The Promise of Change

2. Recognizing How Anger Is Pulling Your Strings

3. Creating New Boundaries—Expecting New Behavior

4. Identifying the Thinking Patterns That Keep You Stuck

5. Taking New Actions and Getting Better Outcomes

II. Overcoming the Different "Faces" of Anger

6. Loud, Impatient, and "Over the Top": Confronting Hostility

7. When Words Do Hurt: Rejecting Sarcasm and Verbal Abuse

8. Threats and Beyond: Staying Off the Slippery Slope of Physical Abuse

9. Passive Anger: What to Do When It Seems Harmless but Feels Harmful

III. Making Boundaries Stick

10. Coping with the Expected and Preparing for the Unknown

Appendix: Daily Log

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