Play Therapy Interventions to Enhance Resilience

Edited by David A. Crenshaw, Robert Brooks, and Sam Goldstein

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May 4, 2015
ISBN 9781462520466
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251 Pages
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May 7, 2015
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I. Introduction

1. The Power of Mindsets: Guideposts for a Resilience-Based Treatment Approach, Robert Brooks & Sam Goldstein

2. Resilience-Enhancing Factors in Play Therapy, John W. Seymour

II. Clinical Applications

3. The Use of Metaphors and Storytelling Techniques to Nurture Resilience in Children, Robert Brooks & Suzanne Brooks

4. “Dear Mr. Leprechaun”: Nurturing Resilience in Children Facing Loss and Grief, David A. Crenshaw & Jillian E. Kelly

5. Posttraumatic Play: A Robust Path to Resilience, Eliana Gil

6. Calm, Connection, and Confidence: Using Art Therapy to Enhance Resilience in Traumatized Children, Cathy A. Malchiodi

7. Utilizing Strength-Based Strategies in the Schools: A School Psychologist’s Odyssey, Steven Baron

8. Enhancing Resilience through Play Therapy with Child and Family Survivors of Mass Trauma, Risë VanFleet & Claudio Mochi

9. The Dance of Resilience and Attachment in High-Risk Mother–Infant Relationships, Stephanie Carnes & David A. Crenshaw

10. Playful Pathways to a Resilient Mindset: A Play Journey to Triumph over Adversity, Cherie L. Spehar